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Hello, I have had several e-mail from people saying they wanted to comment on my 2 year blogversary but since they were not a lurker they did not. I am so sorry if I did not explain myself well. Please feel free anyone to say hi, including lurkers ;-) Actually I love hearing from everyone. Your comments have made me all teary-eyed and red-nosed. I am sorry about the miscommunication.

Okay enough of that, tomorrow I will have something much more interesting for you readers. Clarice-who is in a coma after the hobbit birthday party today !!!!

PS. you comments are really helping me with the Artful Blogging article xoxoxoxox


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Looks like spring has sprung in great PNW.

Gorgeous tree.



Love the new lampost Clarice!!
I think hedgehogs are sooo cute!
Wish we had them here.


Love your picture! It is just lovely!

Lady Laurie

I want to hear about the hobbit party ~ my daughter was very into Lord of the Rings a few years ago, everything was fairies and elves. She has outgrown that now ~ boo~hoo!

calamity kim

Did you wear shoes on your hairy, fuzzy Hobbit feet? Huzzah! Happy Hobbit Birthday! I love that cherry tree! It is too hot for them here- please show as many pictures as you want! I love it!


Hi Clarice,
Happy 2nd blogversary! I love the photo, what type of tree is it, it is just stunning.
Cheers Linda

Sher's Creative Expressions

That blooming tree is beautiful. Is this your backyard?




Wow that is a beautiful photo! Just amazing. Happy Bloggiversary!! Hope you are celebrating for many years to come.

Mary Isabella

That is one magnificently beautiful tree....Mart

Gumbo Lily

When I saw the "I'm sorry" at the top of your post and then the gorgeous blossoming trees coming up, I thought, "Yep, you oughta be sorry for posting that green grass and that fabulous pink blossoming tree when I'm sitting here in Montana with brown grass, no leaves on the trees and a combination of snow/rain coming down!!"

(Truly, you know I love, envy, covet, adore your green growing landscape, don't you?)




Hobbit party, now that's something I've never experienced. I bet everyone had fun.
What kind of tree is that. Wild plum, Crab Apple, Cherry, I must know, it's beautiful!

Jill xoo

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