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Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon: Decor-a-Tea


This week on Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Ton is the theme Decor-a-Tea. Share ideas and pictures that incorporates tea in our home. 


I am very algeric to most sented candles, so I really use tea-lights in my home a lot. I make mine is a bit different because I did not just want to set a tea candle down in my tea cups, creamers and sugarbowls. I was just too afraid they may get ruined. So I came up with this pretty solution, rock salt. I love using rock salt in decorating. It is dirt cheap (I keep an baggy full on-hand at all times) and it just looks so pretty. After a few years and it starts to look dirty it is easy to replace. All I did for the votive, is to fill a sugarbowl with rock salt to the rim and burry the tea candle. Then the flame is well above my bowl. I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Today is my Saturday and I have double chocolate bread-pudding made from my leftover bread in the oven xoxoxoxx


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See? This is JUST the sort of thing I was talking about the other day, Oh Queen! I'd have never thought of it, but it's a perfect idea!

Thanks, my clever friend.



Wonderful idea! I am so particular about scents also. I have found a few that I adore though.


I love rock salt also. My dd is getting married next month and I am using it in the larger clear holders to hold tea lights and votives. Looks like ice. And gotta love cheap!


What a great idea, and your sugar bowl is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!


What a wonderful idea and your sugar bowl is very beautiful - thanks so much for sharing!!


That's a gorgeous sugarbowl, Clarice! Thanks for sharing another beautiful idea; I think I have some rock salt somewhere...

Gumbo Lily

Perfect, pretty, practical solution. I have had too many little glass votive candle holders break so I can only imagine that a fine teacup would easily break with a hot flame going inside.

Thanks for sharing this idea, Clarice.
You're so smart!


What a great idea....
thanks for sharing this one...
You are so creative,

Miss Sandy

What clever idea! The sugar bowl is just darling with its little cheery cherries!


You always have such great ideas, Clarice, and the rock salt is a brilliant thing to do. Your pictures are so lovely and that bread-pudding sounds ever so delicious.


Very creative idea! I have a lot of small teapots and sugar bowls without lids and this is a perfect idea for them.



That is a pretty sight Clarice.
You make everything pretty!

ellen b

Oh what a great idea. I am so glad you shared it with us!!


What a wonderful idea! I am using old glass canning jars on my table this summer and I was looking for something to put inside around the candle.. Never ever thought of rock salt...
thank you so much for sharing...



So beautiful, Clarice. I am always amazed how you match your china to a fabric pattern. These are meant for one another! Thanks for the rock salt idea --- so inventive and handy.

I hope your week is going GREAT!


Kathi-Lavender, Lace and Thyme

Very beautiful, what a great idea as I too have allergies and can't be around many smells. Thanks for sharing the wonderful idea.

Kathi :)


Lovely and practical idea!

the feathered nest

Great idea! Chocolate bread pudding sounds yummy. I looked for that bread book today at the libary and they didn't have it - I'm going to check the used books on Amazon.



What a great idea!

I have to add rock salt to my grocery list tomorrow.


Happy Saturday!
What a great idea, so inventive yet EASY. I'll have to remember to pick up some Rock Salt soon.

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