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Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon: Stitches-for-Tea


This week on Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon the theme is Stitches-for-Tea, sharing ideas and pictures for the for the tea table. 


My post is not exactly what La-Tea-Dah asked for, I hope she does not mind my interpretation of Stitches-for-Tea. I needed a new curtain for my bathroom and found inspiration in tea towels. I had bought a bunch of beautiful linens in OR and got these wonderful towels. I used dotted swiss for the ruffle and added the embroidered linens as a topper. It really picks up the soft grays and pinks in my Victorian bathroom. Every time I see they old towels so beautifully embroidered, I always wonder about who embroidered it. Why they choose this pattern, why these colors, what did they use it for. It is a bridge between now and the past. I think we all need to look forward but also remember the past xoxoxoox


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Miss Sandy

What a great idea for using tea linens for curtains. I love the fabric you mixed them with and they are just pretty as can be!

The Secret Gardener

I LOVE your curtains!! They look so crisp and cheery...they are thin enough to let the light through yet they cover the window for privacy.
So cute.....I think they work out just fine for the "Tea-A-Thon"....your window looks like it could be a window in a quaint little "Tea Shop!!!"

Karen Sweet Necessi-Teas

I love your tea towel curtains! Thanks for sharing a great idea!


very pretty idea!

Gumbo Lily

Pretty! What a good idea for using old embroidered linens. It's nice to see them "out in the open" instead of always in the trunk or the linen drawer.



absolutely breathtaking!


Ingenious! I've seen cloth napkins used as valances, but never would have thought of vintage tea towels. Very cool.



I really like the dotted fabric mixed with the vintage embroidery, classic..

Jill xo

the feathered nest

That's such a pretty way to use tea towels! It looks so fresh and sweet - love dotted swiss anyway but the embroidery really makes this special!



Your curtains are gorgeous and I think it's a perfect interpretation of the theme this week. I had nothing, absolutely nothing, to offer this week for this theme. However, your curtains are so adorable that project ideas are popping into my head right and left. Thank you for the inspiration.

Vee~A Haven for Vee

What a great idea! So charming and pretty. Hmmmm, this is giving me ideas.


Lovely as can be! Tea towels are a perfect 'thing' to post about on a tea stitchery week. Beautiful and creative idea!



How beautiful! So spring!


That looks great! The tea towels are very pretty with the dotted swiss!



great idea..they look so fresh...and pretty.

ellen b

oh how creative and sweet. I love this idea.


So pretty Clarice.
Good idea!

Cori. G

Your curtains are darling!


What a beautiful idea, Clarice! Your new curtains are beautiful and I love the sunlight coming through them too!


Very pretty curtains and what a great idea, too. I really like how the dotted swiss makes everything fresh and the tea towels keep the old-fashioned feel.


The curtains are fresh and elegant.

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