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Hobbit Birthday Party


Chloe's says this was the best birthday party she ever had. Here she is with her new sword hand-made by Angie's husband.  I was not thinking, most of the pictures I took had all the children in it. I do not want to share pictures of my friends children. So I do not have as many to share, but really it was a simple party. They played a game of pin the limb on the Ent. I think they should had done hot rocks, but I was outvoted by the birthday girl ;-) In true hobbit fashion there was a great feast, with plenty of root"beer". They even had hobbit music playing in the background as the danced under the trees. Next post I will share the wonderful gifts Aubern'e made for each kid. Aubern'e also did all the baking. She made this amazing ring cake, even with the elvish writing.

I have to say, I really did not do much for this party. The girls came up with all the ideas and made everything themselves. My favorite thing they made was the furry patches that go on their feet. Now they are true hobbits. You girls are so clever, I do not know were you get it xoxoxoxo



Lembas (cinnamon biscuits) with honey butter 

Baked soy/ginger chicken drumsticks

Dragon eyes (stuffed eggs with olives for eye slits)

Raw baby carrots with homemade maple ranch dressing

Chocolate mushrooms

Chocolate cake with buttercream



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This is fantastic! I've just stumbled upon your blog, and reading about the Hobbit birthday party seriously made my day :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.


LOL! I love the hairy feet! That is wonderful! What an astounding party that must have been!
Belated birthday wishces to your beautiful girl!


the Tie-On Hairy Feet just make me laugh...and now I want a Hobbit Party :)

brava to such creativity :)


karla  nathan

I'd love to go to a Hobbit party, how fun!!


I love the furry feet!

Jill x00


Wow, what a beautiful party. It must be so rewarding to watch how your children have grown. I am terrified of those moments right now but hope that when they roll around I will know to cherish them.


Congratulations to Chloe on her birthday! What a major event and such a celebration! She goes in with style!
Happy Birthday Chloe!
Miss Joanne


What a delightful party theme! The furry feet are adorable ~ such imagination and creative flair! Happy b-day Miss Chloe. Kudos to Auberne' for party planning and cake-baking eXtraordinaire! You've obviously taught them well, my friend.



How delightful!! What creative girls you have...and the menu sounds scrumptious!

Gumbo Lily

Great party! How many pints did the Hobbits drink?



Sounds like a fabulous party :)


Darling Darling and Darling. Your girls are adorable. Keep on having fun!

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Thank you mom !!!!!!! I had a great time !!!!!!! And that was the best B day ever !!!!! Love Auberne's sis Chloe.


What a great party! I think it's wonderful that the girls involved themselves in the party planning and crafty creations. They'll probably be dreaming up future efforts since I'm sure they had a blast.

I love the whole Hobbit theme and told my husband that the next house we buy should have round windows and a round Hobbit door. Plus, it needs to be built into the side of a hill. He just gave me "the look" meaning "this is my wife, she's a crazy woman." But wouldn't be ever so fun?


What a great theme party. The cake looks delicious and the games sound like fun.



I love the creativity!! (and we all know where they get that from :)) What a fun party!


What a wonderful, fun party idea..



Cori. G

A Hobbit birthday sounds like a lot of fun. I love the pin a limb on an Ent and the cake looks delicious. Wouldn't it be nice if we all adopted the Hobbit tradition of giving gifts to our guests instead of receiving them?


Those are great pictures of the girls.

the feathered nest

What a fun party! The menu sounds delicious and that cake is wonderful! Can't wait to see the presents! You really do have wonderfully creative daughters!



What a fun and original birthday party! Perfect for Chloe! My, she has grown since last summer when I saw her. Don't you wish we could slow our kiddos down sometimes? Hmmm, I have NO CLUE as to where your girls got their creativity from! LOL! Of course! Their mom!

Great job, Clarice! You have two fortunate daughters to have a mom such as you!



How fun!! It looks like it truly was the perfect birthday!

Donna O.

Yes, Clarice- wherever do they get that creative streak?? What fun and creativity. I'm thinking I may see that sword again in a few weeks!

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