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Healthy Tips


I had mentioned I was having some health issues and I wanted to say I am fine. I am just a 45 yrd. overweight, peri-menopause woman. I am sure some of you can understand. So I am try to exercise, eat healthier and support my system. I do so much cooking for the family that I tend to let my meals slip, especially breakfast and lunch. In an effort to help myself eat better I am doing some a-head cooking. If I just take one morning a week to pre-pare it seems to really help.

Some Tips:

At the beginning of the week I saute a bunch of onions and garlic to use in my cooking. I keep this in the fridge.

I cook a large batch to beans and then freeze in small amounts for future use.

I also do the same thing with hummus. It freezes beautifully.

For the freezer I have been making more crisp topping.

Marinate tofu in soy sauce, ginger and garlic. I cut them in sticks and pan fry them for breakfast.

Make a salad dressing for the week.

I am still making breakfast brushette.

I make strawberries puree to have over yogurt for breakfast.

Strawberry Puree

In a sauce pan cook 3 cups of berries (frozen or fresh), 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup of sweeter. Cook till juices release and berries can be mushed, about 5 minutes. Add more sweetener if needed. Puree and keep in fridge for a week.   


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Terri Pollhein

Oh, Clarice!
There are so many of us in that same boat. This year, though I am finally doing something about it. Some friends and I are challenging each other. So far, so good! I've lost 8lbs. Still a long way to go, but it's a good start!
Good lucky with your journey.

Sher's Creative Expressions

Clarice, gee, I'm in the same boat. 48, overweight 25 lbs, peri-menopausal, etc. The part I dislike the most, is the exhaustion I always feel. I know exercise is key, but sometimes, I'm more into daily survival :)




I always thought your breakfast bruchetta sounded delicious!


Ohhh, I am in complete love with that basket! Ohhhh!!!


Hello Clarice...Take care of yourself!
I too love strawberries for breakfast!
xo N

karla nathan

good for you, keep taking care of yourself! And isn't it easier when healthy foods are that delicious?

Gumbo Lily

Clarice, I'm here with you....trying to eat well and maintain a healthy weight (not a perfect weight). I'm a big fan of yogurt and I just take frozen berries out, zap them about 30 secs. in the micro and add them to my yogurt and top it with some Grape Nuts or granola. It sure makes a wonderful breakfast parfait!
Keep up the good work!


I hear you Clarice. I have had those same issues. Thanks for your great tips.


Gorgeous Photo!
Such a lovely sign of Spring!
Great job on your health tips and hope you improve soon!
Thinking of you,


Hi Clarice... I hope you are feeling better today... I am one of those women who totally understands the premenopausal stuff! :) Hang in there and thanks for sharing your recipes and ideas! Blessings, Debra


I sympathise, I have the dreaded hot flushes and lethargy and of course the loss of libido!!!!( menopause)men on pause!!!


I do hope you're feeling better. Take good care of yourself!


Good for you, Clarice, in taking charge of your well-being. Your make-ahead strawberry puree is a wonderful idea for topping yogurt. Thank you for sharing your healthy tips today.



I saw your comment on Katie's blog so I thought I'd follow. Your blog is lovely. Nice to meet you.


Hi Clarice, I found your blog through Marmee Craft's blog. I can definitely relate because I'm 55 and I'm post-menopausal and also overweight. I've found that the best thing that works for me is regular exercise or some type of physical activity like walking and watching what I eat. It helps with all of those menopausal symptoms and anxiety and all of that stuff. Good luck with your healthier eating and I'm doing the same thing. I want to get my weight down to a healther level once and for all.


Hello my friend ~ I can relate to your issues! I hope things get better and you can resolve sounds like you are on the right track.
Loving all that you share here as always...wonderful!
xoxoxoxo Kali



Pretty, Pretty Picture!

My goodness, you've been busy filling your cupbords with yummy things.

Jill xo


I found these Tortilla Factory high fiber/olive oil tortillas pr wraps. They are great to have on hand, spread 1T of hummus and a slice of turkey or chopped chicken and stuff with lettuce or shredded cabbage and you have instant healthy (low-cal & high fiber) food! Your berries sound good. I've got to get more calcium myself!


Wow, those are gorgeous lilacs! If only it was lilac time.


Mmm, I can almost smell the heady fragrance of the lilacs captured in that lovely piX. Are they in bloom already? Hope your quest for improved health and well being is very successful. I'll be reading any tips and/or recommendations you have to share with great interest.


I didn't know you could freeze hummus! I'll have to do that this weekend, my kids and I love it! I'm going to try that strawberry puree with the girls yogurt, I bet they would love it. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

the feathered nest

Pretty picture Clarice! I've found that the best thing that works for me with a lot of the peri-menopausal symptoms is regular exercise.


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