Hobbit Birthday Party
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Firecracker Favors


Aubern'e made these wonderful firecracker favors for the Hobbit birthday party. Gandalf brought firework to Bilbo Baggins birthday party. I guess Gandalf is known for his fireworks !!! Aubern'e took a toilet-paper roll and covered it in paper. Added string for the fuse and glued a bamboo stick to the side. They filled them with leaf pin, dragon egg (rock), poppers, mushroom bead, fluffy patch for their feet and of course a gold ring. Then she taped a top, like a little hat. I was soo impressed with these and how well executed they were done. You must also check out the hobbit house Aubern'e made as a birthday gift for Chloe's dragons to live in. Aubern'e you are amazing me xoxoxo



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It's great to stumble upon ideas years later than they were published...my playgroup families will have fun making these. Thanks for sharing.


how cute!! love them! xo Britt


Oh, those are so cute, Clarice! The girls did a wonderful job! Happy Birthday Chloe!


Too creative. The fur though gives me the woolies. hehe. Looks like a dust bunny from under my bed. xo


Hi Clarice,
I know nothing about the Hobbit, but those firecrackers are adorable.
What a clever girl!!


Hmm maybe she could sell these on Ebay, very clever and much nicer than a bunch of plastic stuff. Love, Mom


The firecracker favors are such a great touch and perfect reminders of the scene in the movie where those two rapscallions set them all off at once. Such a clever favor idea!

I popped over to see the Hobbit house--wow, what a brilliant and thoughtful gift this is for your daughter. I tell you, the creativity demonstrated by these girls in making this party such fun is very impressive.


I know nothing about Hobbits ( obviously I never read any of the books), but those are so cute and Aubern'e is just a continual source of creativity.


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