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More Christmas House Inspiration

A Cheap Trick


The Christmas House is having their spring sale this weekend and as usual there was plenty of eye candy and inspiring ideas. Carolee had a black, white and red section. I loved it. I thought it was so simple and stunning all at the same time. One of the things she did, that I wanted to share was her shelf-liner, scalloped newspaper. The red dots are only finger prints made with red paint. The gold dots are thumb tacks. Notice how this is just an old cabinet (bet Carolee painted it red) and took off the doors. There is even a black and white calico apron. I have more pictures to share, when I can. I have the primer (3 coats) painted on the pantry and now maybe we can get to painting some color. By the way, shocking enough, I did not buy myself one thing. But got a killer deal for Aubern'e. Will share xoxoxoxo





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I do love the red cabinet, and I will have to remember that clever scalloped newsprint shelf lining!


I love this, clever....
Very clever…

Thank you for sharing.



What a really clever idea with the shelf-liner. I love the colorful dots against the newsprint.

Love that red cabinet! I've been looking for a piece of furniture to paint red for almost a year now and just can't decide!! The scalloped paper edging is very cute and such a easy thing to do.



I am looking for ideas for redoing my farmhouse kitchen and that is adorable..Love it!

Gumbo Lily

I love this look. So striking an cheerful.
Keep up the good work in your pantry. Just think of how wonderful it will be when it's done!!



The paper trim is lovely, and the red, white and black so colourful. Your blog is one of my favourites. Thanks for commenting on mine during the sweet-n-savoury treats blog-a-thon.


Donna O.

Oh, so refreshing to see the bright color palette! I love non-color and neutrals but this is just very cool!!

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