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It is my two year blogversary. Wow, when did that happen. It still is amazing to me, since I am not a writer, that I have a blog. It is also amazing to me that anyone would want to come to my blog. But I am soo thankful that you do. I can not tell you what this blog has done for me. I am more creative then I have ever been. I have more kindred spirits around the world then I have had. I have gotten to meet some people who I so admire and would have never would have meet before. As I have said before, even Susan Branch came to my blog and now I can die an go to heaven !!!! Storybook Woods have been nothing but a gift to me and I hope it is for you. My goal with the blog from the beginning was to create a place that would inspire you to make the most of the everyday moments of your life. To feel supported as a home-maker and to fill you up, so that you would have something to give to others.

Well my exciting news is I will be featured in Artful Blogging Magazine. I was to be in the Fall issue, but now it looks like it will be the Winter issue. I am still somewhat in disbelief and pinching myself. But what a way to be entering my third year of blogging. I am working on my article (which is freaking me out, remember I am not a writer and do not tell me I am  :-) my editor (Hi Staci, isn't it fun I get to say "my" editor) would like me to write about how you, dear readers have responded to my ideas and posts. So I thought I would ask you. How has Storybook Woods inspired you ? Did you try something you never would have otherwise ? Does my blog encourge you as a homemaker? What would you like to see me talk about in my article? I would love to hear your feedback.

Lastly I have a little request, since it is my 2 year anniversary. I would love to hear from all you lurkers. Just a hi will do. I see all these numbers in my stats and wonder who you are. If you do not want to leave a comment on my blog, you can e-mail me. My e-mail link is off the the left. Just write Storybook Woods in the subject line. It is nice to know who comes by. I strive to make Storybook Woods a place that will meet your needs and knowing who comes to the blog and what you like and do not like really helps me xoxoxox

PS. (Gosh I am gone for 4 days and now I have so much to say) My other project is I am turning the little room off my kitchen into a pantry. I am busy scrubbing, painting, ripping up floors. So if my posting over the next two weeks is a bit scattered that is why. Did I mention I HATE painting.


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You inspired me to use a blog as an outlet in my own way and it has been cathartic. Being able to laugh and cry with friends and strangers and new friends has helped me get through some really stressful days. And you brought all that to me : ) So a *huge* thank you! See how inspiring your blog is? : )


kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

happy blogiversary! I just had my 1st.


How exciting. First of all, happy anniversary! Second of all, woooohooo on your entry-to-be in artful blogging. I so enjoy looking through that magazine and seeing my friends and meeting new ones. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Congratulations on the Artful Blogger article; you are so deserving of the honor. And so what if you don't consider yourself a writer, that's why they have editors, LOL. My favorite thing about you (and there are many) is how helpful and patient you have been to me with all my questions when I started my blog back in October. I am almost at my 6 month anniversary thanks to you! And in another 3 months I will be coming to meet you ;-)


karla nathan

Congratulations, I look forward to the article!


I'm a lurker! Been here for just a few weeks or you, love your blog!!!


Lady Laurie

Happy 2nd anniversary ~ time flies doesn't it?! That is so cool about the magazine ~ congratulations!!


Congratulations!Yes, I am guilty of being a lurker. I found your blog just over 4 months ago and now it is as essential to me as my morning coffee, and that is saying something. I hate to start a day without either of you. lol . keep writing, you have been such an inspiration!


De-lurking from Canada....I love your blog and your photos...Congrats on your 2 years. :0)


Happy *2* to YOU...congratulations...
I am hitting my 1 year on the 2nd of has flown..


Happy blog-iversary from another lurker!


Hi Clarice! I guess I'm a lurker in that I've never posted, but I remember you from Mrs. Cat's former yahoo group. You and I exchanged e-mails a long time ago about the pink toy stove you had in your blog and that my Mom has one very similar from her childhood. I came back to your site recently when I remembered that you had recipes for using essential oils for linen water, etc.
Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. I truly enjoy your site.


Clarice, I just began reading your blog a few weeks ago. I read through the archives and was so inpired and motivated by your pantry organization that I did mine (complete with your labels)! I can't tell you how long I have been fussing every time I opened the door and had things fall out! For some reason, your idea just made perfect sense to me and helped me visualize a better way to organize mine. It is working wonderfully and is a joy every time I open the doors. Also, I was so pleased with the results that I also did my linen closet so I have bins for light bulbs, batteries, candles, first aid supplies, etc. As you can tell, this is much more than a linen closet for us! I also mixed up some of your homemade cleaning solutions and am enjoying them. Thank you, thank you and congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!


congrats on your anniversary and the upcoming article! thank you for always encouraging your readers to be proud of what they do. i don't think i'm a lurker because i've commented before but i don't know if i ever thanked you for your words of love and support to homemakers. can't wait to read more in the magazine.


Hi! I am a lurker...there I said it! :) Congrats on your 2nd anniversary. I enjoy your blog. Lynn

Christine Crocker

Congratulations Clarice,

I love to visit you here, your home and your life is always so very inviting and lovely.
Thank you for many happy hours in visitng
Storybook woods. I'm sure I account for quite a few of those numbers.
I look forward to your article in Artful Blogging.
Happy day to you,dear Clarice.



Hi =)
I just have 2 say that you have a very sweet home. It's what I dream of.
First time I'm here, but I'll come back for sure so keep up the good work.

=) Kirvil.


Congratulations on the upcoming article. Early in my own blogging days you hosted a Valentine exchange that I participated in. It was a good place to start for me as it was such fun and a good experience. I've gone on to participate in other exchanges because of that.

I stop by frequently but don't always post.




Happy Two Years!!! And congratulations on your upcoming article!


Clarice, congratulations! You are an amazing and wonderful person and I am so glad to know you. Thank you again for posting my web-site. Hope to see you soon.

Susan P.

Clarice, when you said you have been blogging for two years I couldn't believe it was that short a time because I really feel like I've known you forever! You are a true kindred spirit, indeed! I love how you love you family and home. I love that you take such loving care and pride in your role as a homemaker. I am always inspired by your recipes and am in awe of how much effort you put into cooking such amazing meals. I also love that when I come here I never know what I'm going to find because you are talented and interested in so many different things. I find I always leave here with lots of inspiration and a smile on my face:o)


Hi, I really like your blog. Happy 2 Years and yes I'm a lurker. Thanks!Leslie


Happy 2-yr Bloggiversary!!! You are such a sweetheart and I always love stopping by for visit to see what you're up to. Always so kind to share, Storybook Woods is a wonderful place to visit! I wish you many more years of blogging and congratulations on being featured in Artful Blogging!!!!! Yaaaaaay Clarice! xxoo, Dawn


Goodness only two years, and I feel as if I have known you forever! Congratulations and thank you for such gentle and loving posts, always positive and always varied. I fist popped over from the AO site when you shared about your unit studys on France and St Lucia. You are top of my list of favourites and I visit with you most days. I visit other sites for "craft" or "recipes" or "homeschooling" or whatever topic...but you, dear Clarice, I visit to say hello and to share a cup of tea with and to see how you are and what you are doing, just as I might ring you on the phone. If only you were not on the other side of the world! Gill:)


Lovely blog..and good luck with painting!!Greets from Holland.


I love your blog, I just recently discovered it and now it has become one of my favorites.
Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary:


Congratulations on your blogging anniversary --- and on being featured in the magazine --- wow, how exciting!! I've been reading you from the beginning --- but my slow dial-up doesn't always allow me to leave a comment, but I still come and read your blog all the time --- you're definitely on my list of favorites!


Dear Clarice,
You deserve a celebration for sharing for that long with us and inspiring us with your creative ideas, decorating, books, recipes, helful hints, budget tips, storage ideas, and all your homemaking tips!
You are the Queen of blogs and I am so glad that you were recognized by the magazine!
Way to go Clarice!
Can't wait to see your pantry!


How great for you! I'm not a lurker. This is my first visit to your blog. But I will definately be back!


Happy Blogiversary!! I really enjoy your blog; it's so cheerful and inspiring. That's awesome about your upcoming article, too. Congrats!


Congratulations, my friend! Both on the blog-iversary and the super eXciting magazine feature. Your beautiful blog has inspired me in sp many ways... Cooking, decorating, bling-ing (is that even a word)? I'm one of your biggest fans!



Congrats Clarice!!
How exciting for you, a blog anniversary and magazine. Wow, so exciting.
I am so glad I found your blog, and we have become blog buddies. Your blog is always so full of useful information. Love the recipes, and helpful hints about homemaking.
I love how you help people to cook, and make things on a budget!!

Donna O.

AHA!!! This is FANTASTIC!!! And you deserve it ALL!! I can't imagine two years, I'm not even to one yet. Bravo- take another bow!!


Congratulations on your 2nd blogaversary!!!! I enjoy visiting your blog everday



Has it been two years already? Time fly's when you're having fun!
Your blog is unique and full of inspiring home keeping ideas.
I also appreciate your daily comments on my blog.
I feel as though I've gotten to know you pretty well the past two years, and consider you a dear friend, even though we've never met, I feel as though we have sometimes.

There are times when I'm leaving a comment on your blog and at the very same time you are in turn leaving one on mine:)


Happy two years, it's only the beginning, and I can't wait to see what's up and coming in the year/s to come.


Jill xoo


Oh my goodness! Congratulations on your blogging anniversary and the exciting news that you are being featured in the magazine...woohoo! You inspire to look at the beauty of everyday things, to treasure family and to try new things in the kitchen!
Thank you for creating such a beautiful place to visit!

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

I think she's so cute Love Aubenre's sis. :)


I'm not sure where I found your blog (probably through Gracious Hospitality) but I added you to my Bloglines the first time I came here.

BEAUTIFUL and the ideas are all things I can use in my own home.

the feathered nest

Congratulations Clarice! Both on the Artful Blogging feature AND your two year anniversary! I have to say that you encourage me as a homemaker. I always love to read about all the little things you and your girls do, your projects and just the good info you have on a variety of things. I think I check your blog daily!


Dee (

I probably account for a good number of those stats you are seeing! LOL. I visit frequently, often to visit an old post or to re-read one I saw earlier in the day. Congratulations on being in the magazine. I'm not surprised though at all. You are very creative. Your blog inspires my gets my imagination started and I love reading about your family and your recipes and your lifestyle. Looking forward to more years here at Storybook Woods! Love, Dee


Congratulatons, Clarice, on your blogiversary as well as the upcoming magazine article.

Your blog is one of those I read before I began my own odyssey as a blogger. I loved your way of facing life's challenges and finding creative ways to celebrate all that's good in the world. That's how I try to live my own life, so what you share resonates deeply with me. Your posts as well as your own comments on my efforts has been like pulling the plug on all the ideas pooling in my imagination. Now I cheerfully go about in my little world making and doing things that enhance my life and that of my family--and the way you and others give me feedback is gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your encouragement and daily inspirations. You are a true blessing!

Heidi Woodruff

Congrats on two years! Blogging is fun, that's for sure! I always love to come over here and see what you're up to!

Heidi Woodruff

Happy two year anniversary! Blogging is da bomb for sure! Always fun to stop by your blog and see what's up...

Everday Cookies blog


Hi, I haven't been commenting much so I guess I'm a lurker, but I tell you in person. lol. I'm a proud mama and it's so wonderful to be at a time in my life where I can learn from my dd's. I know some day you will also reap what you have sown into your dd's, in the sence of making a place for them to blossom and grow. Love you. Mom


Well you know I'm not a lurker but had to stop by and say congrats!! It's been wonderful chatting this past years here in blogland and so nice having a new friend.

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Happy blogging anniversary! I'm not a lurker, but I don't comment often. I love your blog, Clarice. I love the inspiration to look for new ways to cook for my family on a budget, and I love your sweet crafting and decoration ideas.

jessi nagy

wow happy 2nd bday!!
and congrats on getting in artful blogging. i love that book.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm not a lurker, but wanted to leave a message just the same. I don't usually buy artful bloggers, as I have been trying to cut down on the # of magazines that I purchase, but I will keep my eyes open for the one with your article. I have been enjoying your blog for about a year now. Susan

calamity kim

Congrats on the Article- I have been getting the Blog Issues and love their dreamy photography and articles written by some of my favorite bloggers! I have to say that you are one of my nicest readers and most frequent commenter's and even though I don't visit you as often, I always see something sweet and wonderful when I do visit you! The music is nice! I took mine off so that more people could read me while they were at work and not get busted! LOL! I thought I was on your Blog roll- your sidebar- did you clean house? I am crushed! I'll just go back to my blog and cry...boohoo!

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