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If you have made no-kneed bread, if you want to make artisans bread but do not know how, if you want lovely bread but do not want to work too hard at it and if you love the idea of having dough all ready, on-hand whenever you want, keep on reading !!!


Because of my champagne taste and beer budget, I make all my own bread. But I am already cooking so much I try to make it as easy as I can. I have been making the no-kneed bread for a while and love it. But there is still planning to it and there was the problem of not having bread when I wanted it. Then I read Artisan Breads In 5 Minutes A Day By Jeff Hertzberg. Now I tell you I really do not buy a lot of cookbooks. I read a lot of them but do not actually own a lot. This book is one I would love to buy for all my friends. It is sooo simple and the bread is amazing. It only takes five minutes to make the dough (no kneading), two hours to let it sit, refridge overnight and then you have enough dough for four loves of bread. You can keep the dough in the fridge for 5 days and pull of a ball of dough as needed. Rise, bake, cool and in 2 hours, wha-la bread.

Do not worry if you do not know much about making bread. In some ways you will do better then a long-time baker, because this method is almost counter-intuitive. The lovely thing is Jeff Hertzberg has several master recipes all based on the same method and then lots of version of those recipes. One of my friends was looking at the book and said she really liked how it was written. Very clear instructions and helpful information. You can read more at the Blog. I have made the Rye bred recipe and it is wonderful as you can see above !!!

PS. I realized that I did not mention, there is a few loaf recipes and those take more time to rise. About an hour and half. But most of the recipes do not.


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Jeff Hertzberg

Hey all: Thanks for all the kind words... I'm Jeff Hertzberg, one of the co-authors. Stop by and comment at our website anytime: www.artisanbreadinfive.com



Wow -- this looks like a great book. The thing that keeps me from making bread more often is time -- I'll have to check this book out -- THANKS for sharing!!!


Yummm-O-o-o-o-oh your bread looks divine, but what I am intrigued with is the totally adorable tablecloth!! Is that fabric something new or is it a Treasure From The Past? I *love* little houses....can you help me find some?
The book is on my wishlist....I'm so glad you love books :o)


The bread really is great! I've made hundreds of loaves of artisan bread and this is by far the best bread for the least amount of work I have ever seen (and tasted!). Fabulous picture of a beautiful loaf, Clarice. Looking forward to taste-testing some more recipes in this book--(made by Clarice, of course!
Love, Angie

Leigh Ann

This is right up my alley. I love fresh bread! I think the kids would love making it, too.

Thanks, LA

Chloe Auberne`s saster

I LOVE IT !!!!! IT LooKS SOOO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!! Love Chloe Auberne`s sister.;)

the feathered nest

Thank you! I've been wanting to get my feet wet with baking bread and this may be just the thing. I'll look for it at the library!



I have heard of artisan bread but have never tried it. Baking bread is such a delight so I'll look for this book. Thanks for sharing this with us, Clarice.


Clarice!! It's really uncanny how often we are thinking alike. I just borrowed this same book from the library a couple days ago, and I made the dough for the basic bread. I baked the first loaf for our supper on Saturday - yes, it was very good. I do love the no-knead bread in the Dutch oven, but you are right, this refrigerated dough is sooo convenient. And I can't wait to try the brioche with it's variations! :)


Wow Clarice,
Who knew you could make bread so easily?
I guess you did.
Thanks for sharing with us,


Guess what I placed on hold at my library?
Yup! Thank you for the recommendation Clarice!
Just Great!

Terri Pollhein

O.K. Clarice, I will go to Amazon and order this book! I like making bread, but don't always have time.

Donna O.

Hmmm...you are tempting me to try it. I love rye (just had it yesterday). I'll let you know.
It's low cal, right? Ha-

Gumbo Lily

Gorgous loaf you've got pictured here, Clarice. I'm a long-time bread baker and I'm still learning. I love trying new things. Thanks for sharing this with us.




My son turned me on to a blog/site called Tastespotting.com. Check it out, all the food looks so yummy!



Yum, I love fresh home baked bread.

I especially like recipes that have little kneading involved. That sounds like a great bread baking cook book.

Jill xo

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