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The ButtonWillow Chronicles


Do you ever stumble upon a blog and immediately you know you are at home, you know you have meet a kindred spirit. You see all that you love and adore wrapped up in a blog. Well that is The ButtonWillow Chronicles. It is new blog filled with all things I love. England, tea, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, Little Woman, Anne Of Green Gables, Molly Brett, ect.

The interesting thing about this wonderful new blog, is it turned out to be by my friend Lauren at Alice Land. Isn't it funny, how we make kindred friends and we still find each other without even knowing it. Lauren is wanting ButtonWillow Chronicles to be

"It's not "Alice Lands".  It's not real life.  It's life "sweetened".  It's daydreams, and wishes, and hopes.  It's the things I love, the things I wish for.  It's charming and shy.  Quiet and demure.  It's Anne and it's Beatrix, Emma, and Jane.  And, it's those "in the small dwellings".   It's who I try to be.  It's my life, just through rose colored glasses.

And, it's quiet."

So you will see most posts do not have a place to comment. The blog is just a gift from Lauren for us to enjoy. Thank you sweetie xoxoxo


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I've been going back and back by bookmark to ButtonWillow, and have never seen anything past the same first page. Did it not last, as so many fragile, beautiful things, or am I clicking on the wrong site?

I'd love to find it again, and dive back into the lovely places and times.

Thank you for mentioning it, and I hope you can steer us to more of this lovely place.


Lavender Dreamer

I was just looking at some of the bogs you have as links and found this one! The pictures on it are beautiful and it truly is inspiring! I love all things beautiful!

elisabeth F

Fresh, fun and lovely. What a nice journey with wandering throught all categories of your blog. I will come soon (sorry for my english I try to improve but it easier to understand than speaking...)


Je découvre votre blog et j'adore

calamity kim

Clarice- That's almost the same chicken! hahaha! Isn't that funny! I have been making "angry chickens" for a long time and finally got around to sharing it. I make them for birthday gag gifts- so silly in their party hats! I hope you had a happy- it sounds like you did at that nice restaurant with all those hats! xxxooo calamity


Well if you like it I KNOW I will! Thanks!!

Lady Laurie

Isn't this just the neatest blog, I love all the quotes especially the ones from Jane Austen!


Thank you for sharing this, Clarice...what a delightful place!


I was going to run over, but I will tiptoe quietly :)


I saw this yesterday and knew you would love it. I love her music too.


Thanks for sharing this little treasure!

the feathered nest

Thanks Clarice, I did pop over and it's just the kind of place I like to visit!


Donna O.

SO happy to know this! Thanks Clarice!


Thank you Clarice for passing this blog along. You always find the most amazing inspiration to share with us and I so appreciate it!

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