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Vintage At The Sewing Expo


I decided to go to the sewing expo and see what it was all about. Thank you Deby for letting me know about it. It is the biggest in the US and second in the word. It was big and I had fun. Although there was a lot I was not interested in, there were a few great vendors selling vintage and interesting trims, buttons, ect. I even got a tablecloth. What I love the most about it, is the red polka-dot, wavy edge. It was hard to photograph, it is much paler but not boring. The detailed stitching is so perfect.

Oh I did get more then what I am showing but the rest are Easter basket gifts for the girls.

I hope you are having a lovely day and remember to do one nice thing for yourself today. I plan to make a cup of tea in my prettiest tea cup and just watch the birds in my yard (wait till you see the bird nests you can make). Oh and to be grateful for all I have xoxoxo




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I too came home from this with a few treasures...I went on Thursday.....


Love all your treasures. The birds are just a singing so spring has to be just around the corner! I saw my first pair of robins on Sunday--a sure sign, my mom always told me! Yay!


You found some wonderful stuff ~ I love the ribbons and trims. I've never been to a sewing expo; it sounds like a lot of fun.
And, Clarice, your cards with the yo yo's are beautiful!!



ooh Clarice,

I love bakelite stuff especially buckles!

You are so lucky to have such an event close.

Jill xo


Look at all those lovely things! The tablecloth is beautiful too!


I love the buckles and I love vintage fabrics. I am not so keen on the coloured embroidered cloths, i love the white on white.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

I wonder if these shows are planned at the same time of year on purpose. My friend Suzy, just went to a quilt show in Virginia, and I went to one up here in New Jersey. Now I am hearing about the sewing expo...I wonder if that will come around this area as well. Just when I think that I have enough in my sewing room, I go to a show and find out that there is so much more (not that I want it), who knew? I am like you...I go for the vintage. Susan


Very pretty finds!


Ooooooooh--I can just imagine all the creative, wonderful things you're going to make or embellish with the fun trims. I'm in awe of your vision : )


Really fun stuff Clarice!!
I didn't even know that there is a sewing expo.

the feathered nest

I'm glad you had fun and you picked up some really nice trim! I love tablecloths and this one is darling!


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