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Build A Nest


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Leigh Ann

I hopped right over and got one for Hubby's birthday. Thanks for the tip, Clarice.

CHeers! LA xo

Lady Laurie

Thanks for the link Clarice, this also looks like an interesting show ~ I knew that John and Abigail wrote all those letters, I remember reading about their love along time ago.


You always have the best tips Clarice!!


Thank you, Clarice, for sharing this. I quick went over and signed up to receive one, too.

Gumbo Lily

I've ordered mine. They're pretty.



Thanks for the information. I have a card on the way!!

Robin/Southern Bella

Miss Maddie's

I came upon your delightful little space looking for something to distract from the winter's chill.And alas it was there in your list of lovely confections made with rose water.I have a recipe for organic rose petal jelly to share that is yours simply for the asking.Even on the coldest day one has only to pop the lid on the jar and the heady scent takes you back into the rose garden of summer past.


1, 100 letters! That is amazing!

What a treasure for future generations.

It *almost* makes me wish hubby was away somewhere. :)

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