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Lazy Days of Summer


Hubby will be working on Saint Patrick's day, so we are celebrating today. It is funny, I never make the same meal. Even Christmas and Thanksgiving is always do something different. But Saint Patrick's day we always have the same menu.

Congratulations to Hunnybunny for winning Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. I will e-mail you !!!!

This weeks book is The Lazy Days Of Summer Cookbook by Jane Watson Hopping. I know summer is not for a while but I thought who ever won could use a dose of summer dreaming. I really like Jane's books because they are more of a good read about how life use to be in the good-old-days, then a cookbook. Although it is an excellent cookbook but a wonderful read at the same time.  Here is a review and good luck xoxoxox

   "From Publishers Weekly
With another whimsical collection of poetry, prose and food, Pioneer Lady & Hopping ( The Country Mother's Cookbook ) again evokes a simple era when meals, family and farm life represent the American ideal--at least, in retrospect. While fishing holes and picnic spots and watermelons lying thick in the patch just waiting to be thumped are this volume's backdrop, Hopping's new collection strongly resembles her previous writings. From Effie's strawberry mousse and sweet-cherry crunch to sour-cream red June apple pie with butter-cinnamon topping, the recipes are simple and the dishes themselves very good. Yet the flavor of many depends mightily on the kind of just-picked-from-the-patch freshness nearly impossible to duplicate in the supermarket produce section. Still, the charm of the book hinges largely upon the richness of Hopping's words and her prolific, romantic recollections of the mothers who fortified their families--without guilt or trepidation--with endless batches of cookies, tea cakes, fruit pies and other sweets, the recipes for which are the fabric of her food writings.


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I love Jane Watson Hopping's writing, so delightful... Count me in... Blessings, Bobbie


This cookbook sounds wonderful. I haven't read any of her books before.

Count me in. I'm new to your blog, but REALLY enjoying it. Thanks!

Carolyne Carrick

O-o-o-oh! What a wonderful idea......Summer (sigh)
I do love to really *read* cookbooks too!
Please count my name in, OK?


I would love this cookbook.
It looks great.
I just picked up a cookbook at our library book sale and as I flipped through it I thought of you. Its called Picnic by DeeDee Stoval.
Its 125 recipes with 29 seasonal menus all geared towards picnics. It was a fun read.

the feathered nest

Clarice, sounds like a good read as well as a good cookbook!



Hi Clarice ~
A cookbook about summer ~ how deliciously delightful! Please enter me; I'd love to win that beautiful book!
Smiles...Bebe :)


Sounds like more than just a cookbook ~ the kind it's fun to curl up with and read for enjoyment!

Gumbo Lily

Did you say Summer? This book sounds like something I'd really like. Please add my name to the hat!



I bought me two new cookbooks today. Fun. Love the cover of that one!


Oh boy add me, said Abby xoxoxo


OK! Write me down!!! My family would love for me to have a new cookbook!! This one sounds fabulous.


I can't wait for the lazy days of summer!!! They are getting closer all the time. The strawberry mousse sounfs so good.


Sign me up please. Anything to do with summer sounds good about now.



I have her Blessing cookbook and just love all of it, including the stories that are so very interesting.
Clarice, you are such a blessing to your readers.....I stand in amazement at your generosity!
I would love to be entered in your draw despite the fact that I don't blog.
Your books are a treasure to the receiver I am sure!
Blessings to you!
Joanne, who is just dreaming of Spring and wishing the piles of snow would melt!:)


Oh this looks wonderful. COunt me in Dear Clarice!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Summer will be here before we know it!! I'd love to be in the drawing for the cookbook. Thanks.


Sounds like a wonderful book and it would definatly make an excellent addition to any kitchen.......ahhhhhhhhhhh SUMMER !! Can't wait


That little recipe book looks delightful. I just got a 25% coupon for the bookstore so think I'll purchase the recipe book with it. Just thinking about summer makes me smile; it's my favorite time of year.

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