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We celebrated Easter Thursday (my hubby works weekends) and it was a bit interesting. I know my friends imagine Easter at my house is like Martha's. Beautiful tablescape, interesting, yummy meal, picture perfect event. Well this year, not !!!!!!! I have been battling some health issue (nothing serious) but I am stressed and tired. I was just not up to an elaborate day. We had a simple breakfast and the Easter bunny came. I have to say the Easter bunny gets teenage girls the most interesting things, like skull patches, buttons and fabric, Lord of the Rings and medieval jewelry, Star wars figures, princess crowns. glittery roving and of course yummy chocolates. I think the Easter bunny had fun shopping for the teen girls :-) Then David took us to dinner at a wonderful restaurant that is in an old Victorian on the water. The restaurant is covered in hats. We had so much fun trying on different hats, as you can see. It was not the Easter I usually do, not the Easter in my Martha dream but still lovely. I have to say the grilled salmon on pumpkin raviolis with garlic kale and roasted tomatoes was pretty worth it xoxoxoxo


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A Happy Easter to you and yours!
Sandra Evertson

Christine Crocker

wonderful! this is what life is about, happiness and spending it with those that bring you such joy...
you are indeed blessed,


Your Easter sounds like a lot of fun and full of interesting things to experience.

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well and certainly hope all is well soon. I'm sending you virtual hugs of comfort and care.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

That sounds like a perfect Easter to me. This was the first time in 30 years that we had Easter dinner at home..just the 4 of us. It was wonderful. Sometimes you just have to do things your way. I hope that you will be feeling a little more up to par very soon. The girls are need to see what my teens did with their eggs. Very silly. Susan


I have a feeling that picture could come back to haunt Chloe in later years ;)


Donna O.

Hey, I've seen Martha get silly- I think she'd approve! Sounds like it was a blast.

Sher's Creative Expressions

Hoping you had a blessed Easter!!




The girls looks so cute in those hats!
Glad you had a nice time. Feel better soon!


Happy Easter Clarice and girls!!



Happy Easter, Clarice! The girls look darling in their fancy Easter hats! And what wonderful treasures the Easter bunny left for them!

I hope you are feeling better soon!



Happy Easter, Clarice! The girls look darling in their fancy Easter hats! And what wonderful treasures the Easter bunny left for them!

I hope you are feeling better soon!



My kind of Easter! Fun and full of surprise!!! Wonderful!!! Blessings to you too my dear!!!
And Chocolate bunny hugs...!

karla nathan

Sometimes breaking tradition and trying something different can be such a meemorable treat! Glad you had a fun time.


Have a blessed Easter Clarice!! Get well soon too..:)


Sounds like a wonderful day and a delicious meal.
Hoping you feel better soon Clarice.
Happy Easter!



Chloe is so funny : ) And Aubern'e--look how beautiful she is!!!

Happy Easter!

Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Thank you Easter bunny! I got great gifts! Although it wasn't a Martha Easter, I still had FUN!!!! By the way, that hobo on the left is NOT related to me. ;)

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---


Sounds like the perfect Easter to me!


Happy Easter, Clarice! I hope you feel better soon. :)

Love, Dawn


Happy Easter dear Clarice! I think hats are such fun :) Sounds like you had a great time. Gill.

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