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Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon: Teacup-a-Story


La-Te-Dah is having a Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon. Each week, according to the theme you are invited to share a favorite things about afternoon tea. This weeks theme is Teacup-a-Story. Please check out Gracious Hospitality to read more about it.


Oh I had the hardest time choosing a favorite tea cup and I really do not think I can. But I choose this cup because it makes me think of a dear friend Karen Day, who died of cancer. Karen was the most generous of people with a kind, sweet disposition. She loved herbs, gardening and cooking. She had a small herb store, that was full of beautiful things and inspiration. She also loved homemaking and her family so much. She and I had so many discussions about what an amazing daughter she has and how proud she was of her. Karen always encouraged me as a new mother and was one to tell me what a lovely job I was doing with Aubern'e. Aubern'e (a toddler then) dressed in some fun new hat and I would venture into Karen's shop a lot to see what new and interesting thing we could try. Our favorite was the herb candies she sold. I still have the doll she gave Chloe's as a baby with a dried rose-hip necklace.

This beautiful tea cup is from one of the perfect herb teas she gave with another good friend of ours, who is an amazing pastry chef. I will always remember this tea. It was a lovely spring day (which is so rare in WA) on the porch of an old beautiful home. Karen served my mother I and tea in match cups. Except my mothers was blush pink and mine was aqua blue. We both fell in-love with these cups and asked Karen if she would be willing to sell them. Of course Karen was totally gracious and sold them to us. Which was generous of her since they were from her private collection. I always think of Karen, the beauty of herbs and love of home and family when I use this cup xoxoxox


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Hi there :)

I found your blog through the tea-a-thon. That is a beautiful teacup and a very touching story attached to it.

Thank you for sharing it :)



Lovely memories and teacup!
Stop by for some tea!


Just love your blog! Your music is awesome. Your tea cup is so pretty and from your story I can certainly understand why it is one of your favorites.


What a beautiful teacup, all the more so because of the remembrances that go along with it!

Vee~A Haven for Vee

What a great story! Karen sounds like one remarkable woman and a very generous one.

Gina E.

Ditto to everything written above! Stunning cup and saucer, and lovely story!


An absolutely beautiful teacup. How nice you got it from a cherished friend.


An eXquisite teacup ~ the vibrant color and design, as well as the precious memory it holds.


What a beautiful memento of your wonderful friend. Thanks for sharing.


I stumbled here and I'm so glad to have found this beautiful site. It's been a pleasure strolling through your various posts and pictures.

I'll stop by again.


Clarice, The aqua color of that tea cup is so pretty: clear and vibrant, like your sweet memory of your friend. We all need people like that in our life. So sad when they leave us too early, but so wonderful that you have something special to remember her by. I'm glad I came by to read your story.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup

Lovely teacup and a beautiful tribute to your friend!

Elizabeth Joy

What a lovely lady, story and tea cup.

jennifer Paganellli

I love that this teacup holds such treasure for you and I am stunned by the beauty of that picture..when you get a chance I need your last name..I think its about time I put it on the blog roll next to your first name..getting my act together...J


What a beautiful teacup and story. And such a touching memory of your dear friend.


Clarice, this is a beautiful story --- poignant and uplifting at the same time. What precious memories you have of your friend. Thank you for sharing it. I love the teacup and do believe that I remember it from the tea party we shared in your home.

Thanks for participating! I look forward to other posts from you! You always have something interesting to share.

Enjoy a lovely day!


I also cherish the little things of people that have impacted our lives in one way or another. It's wonderful you have such a beautiful tea cup to remember someone that sounds like a beautiful person.

Memories are wonderful, aren't they? Your friend sounded like such an amazing lady and I can only imagine how much you must treasure that cup.

Mary Issabella

I enjoyed both of them....Smiles


What a lovely story and what a great remembrance.



Love that story, and the pretty cup Clarice.
Thank you for sharing,

the feathered nest

Absolutely beautiful cup and lovely story that goes with it!


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