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A Garland and Winner



Do you remember this garland ? Well it is time to spring things up. All I did was change out the red rick-rack ribbon with something more spring like. The reason I posed this again is because it is such a simple garland. All you need is different ribbons and some tape. I added butterfly's were the holly was (it covers up the tape). Also I just love the pom-pom trim on the window. It make doing the dishes so much cheerier. So if you have a corner that needs an uplift, try a ribbon garland.


Congratulations Sarah at Mama and Jack, for winning the book in my last give away. I will e-mail you. Thank you again everyone for joining in and being such a blessing to me xoxoxxo

PS. the reason I can not send the books media mail, is because anytime someone wins a give-away on my blog, they get chocolate  ;-)

PSS. I have been asked were I get the butterfly's ? I got them at Jo-Ann's floral section. They are only $2.00 or so and the cool thing is they have little clips on the back to attach them to things. I need to get some more !!!!


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A great idea and a beautiful addition to the blackboard!


I'm just wondering... I have the same jar on the edge of my sick where I am sprouting mung beans. What's in your jar?


. . .and what wonderfully delicious and delightful chocolate it is!!!!! YUM!

Gumbo Lily

Cute! I remember this post from before. I'm glad you reminded us of it once again. Tis the perfect season to put up a ribbon garland. Might even be a cute idea over a window in place of a curtain to let more sunshine in!



I do agree with everyone,the pop pop trim is the best.
I love your crafting,it totally inpires me!

the feathered nest

Hi Clarice,love the garland! I LOVE pom pom trim! I'd probably put pom pom trim on everything - it always makes me smile!



Congrats to the winner!!
Love your garland!


I love that garland. It is beautiful. Where did you get the butterflies? I can't lie though, those pom-poms are the best, I have a crush on them.


I love your garland idea and the perching butterflies are such an extra special visual treat.

Congratulations to your winner (and the chocolate is a wonderful extra treat).

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