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What a whirlwind week I have had. First there was my mothers birthday. I have been helping her redecorate her craft room (I will show pictures soon). Then my husbands birthday. He always want the same thing, a relaxing day not doing much and a yummy dinner. He grilled elk steaks. I made creamed spinach (add fresh grated nutmeg to it !!!) , baked potatoes with saute mushroom and the most yummy stout ice-cream float. I made espresso chocolate sauce and covered vanilla ice cream with it and then poured stout over the whole thing. It was veryyyyyyyyy good. We spend the eveing peeing our pants with laughter watching Tim Hawkins youtubes. Our favorite is Cleates Take The Reel !!!!


The next day was Valentines days. David took us to breakfast in Port Townsend. I had an amazing omelet with prime-rib, roasted garlic, roasted peppers, mushrooms and fontana cheese. I got some fun goodies new salad spoons, amazing vintage red velvet trim (at Edge-to-Edge, I adore that shop), lots of chocolate and this oh-so charming Black Apple print. I love Emily's work and have been wanting a print for quite some time. When I saw this one, I knew this was the one I wanted. Now I am looking for the perfect frame. Thank you Emily. Chloe gave me a homemade card and Aubern'e made me a pillow. It is not quite done, when it is, I will share it.

Speaking of chocolate I had quite the chocolate experience. I treated myself to a Vosegs chocolate bacon bar. Wow, I tell you this is sooo interesting. It is bacony, it is salty and chocolatey all at the same time. It sounds bizarre but baby it works. If you ever get a chance to try it please do. Very unique. Thank you for sharing what you favorite chocolate is, it was so fun to read xoxoxo


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Sounds like a wonderful sort of busy with all that fabulous food! I have to check out the espresso chocolate sauce...

karla nathan

That bag is just too cute!


Our favorite place in Key West - Finnegan's Wake - serves a Guinness Float they call "Bliss or Blasphemy?" I may have to get brave and try it...


I think that bacon candy bar sounds like heaven...I rushed to that site and bought one for my Seattle son. There isn't anything he wouldn't eat if it has bacon in it. Can't wait for him to get it and try it!!


Sounds like you guys have been having loads of fun! Happy belated birthday to everyone. Creamed spinach sound delicious. I'm going to go take a look at that recipe.


What a wonderful week! Your shopping netted you some adorable things and your husband's birthday sounds like just the thing he wanted. What great food you've enjoyed--and I've not ever heard of chocolate bacon before. I'm so glad your week was so full of great experiences.


Baby, I don't know about no bacon and chocolate! But I'll take your word for it! Sounds like a fantastical day!


That print is so wonderful!
Happy birthday to your mom and to David. It sounds like happy days all around, at your house these days! That's nice to hear, Clarice.

Take care.


Sound fun and yummy!!
Happy Birthday to your husband and mom!!


You all just know how to celebrate!!!! Please share--what restaurant in Port Townsend?

Mary Issabella

Sounds like a great day. Lots of fun...Mary


What a fun time you've been having, Clarice! The food sounds delicious and that little print is darling!! I'm glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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