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What An Adventure


I had a lovely time in OR. Although it was very stormy and we could not do much. I was thrilled though, we went to an outlet-mall and they have a Le Creuset seconds shop. I have been wanting a 9 qt. Le Creuset for such a long time. My mother taught me it is better to have less kitchen equipment but the best you can buy. It is a life-time investment. My Le Creuset lovely deep blue-green. Another blessing there is no tax in OR !!!!!!

But I wanted to tell you about my little linens adventure. My MIL (who knows me so well) was talking with my FIL's barber and he was telling her how the trunk in his shop was full of linens, made by his mother and had not been opened for years. While visiting she said she wanted to stop by the barbershop and unbeknownst to me, she asked him if he was interested in selling any of the linens. He was and the next night I went over. Now this trunk is huge and has big leather straps around it. As he opened the trunk, there was this beautiful smaller wooden box on top with a picture of a lady with an amazing hat. He lifted the box and the trunk was stuffed with linens. It was like Christmas morning but better. It would have taken me an hour to really go through it but I only had a few minutes. It was so much fun and a bit awkward, going through someone's family history. I kept asking are you sure you want to sell. Actually I think it is sad none of his children did not want any. I could have taken piles but did not want to seem greedy. I just picked out a few really beautiful pieces. My favorite is this child's apron. I love how the ladies frilly skirts are the pockets. I need to find a special way to show it off.

Then he proceeded to take me in the back-room full of boxes, old tables, chairs, ect. He tells me all those boxes are full of china. I thought I would die. I so wish I could just rent a u-hail and clean out his store room for him  :- ) maybe if I am lucky, next time I visit he will want to sell more.

I also loaded up on Sisboom Mod Girl fabric, old vintage lace, 10 yards of hand embroidered linen trim for $2.00. I need to do some sewing now. Speaking of sewing, wait till you see my Valentine runner. Thank you for all well wishes and glad you had yummy oatmeal xoxoxox



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I believe that things like this end up with the right person to treasure and enjoy least that's what I keep telling myself.I love the embroidery on this apron- it is simply charming! I am going to try that with the ravioli too when I get home. Its rainy and cold and dark here in Georgia...


Where in Oregon is the outlet?I want to go to one but don't know where they are here.

the feathered nest

Welcome back Clarice! What a joy that must have been to be able to look through all that linen! Too bad his family isn't interested. Glad you were able to get Le Creuset - it is better to have the nicer stuff. It'll last forever.



What an amazing treasure trove of linens; it's such a shame that his family doesn't care to keep them. I'm glad that you found some pieces you love. That apron is so precious.

Elaine L.

It is so sad that none of the man's children wanted his mother's things. sob

At least he knows that someone will treasure and appreciate them. The things you bought were so beautiful!


Gumbo Lily

What a prosperous trip! I'm so happy you got your pot and the linens and apron --- fabulous!

Lucky (blessed) you!


Sorry you don't approve of my oatmeal and don't want to be my friend and I have just convinced my friend (and therefore her sister) to come to have some of your delicious baking when I visit Poulsbo!!



Oh Clarice --- what an amazing story! I want to meet you there!!!!! Wouldn't that be fun? What a dream! You are right --- better than Christmas!

I'm so glad you are home! It was a bit boring in blogland without you! ;)



Hi Clarice,
Glad you had a good trip.
How nice that you got your cookware piece, and some lovely old linens.
What fun!
Thanks for sharing,

Lady Laurie

Oh you lucky girl ~ such wonderful treasures.
Glad you had a nice trip!!

Mary Issabella

Glad you had such a wonderful trip. The apron is so beautiful!!! Have a great night...Mary


WOW.....this is so wonderful......
I got a letter from Le-Creuset telling me how safe their cookware is...I am looking for some NON----Noo-stick cookware (my other blog Cor-tea girl has sites about safety)...Do you use this brand for everything?.....
When do you get to go back and visit the barbershop again...sounds like a good reason to me..


My goodness, you scored some lovely treasures, my friend. How eXciting! Good old Oregon... I don't think I'll ever get used to sales taX! (sigh)


It's nice to hear that you've enjoyed a nice time away, Clarice, and that you've arrived home safely.

I love embroidery, and so I've enjoyed seeing all of these pretty things, but oh my, that apron is a real treasure!

Take care.


WOW! The flea market fairies were with you in Oregon!

I have a French oven and love it! I cook roasts and casseroles in it and love the way it cooks everything evenly and easy clean up too.
Enjoy your new fun things..

Jill xo

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