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Warning: this is a braggy mom post !!

When I was working on Miss. Poppy, Chloe was busy needle felting Opille"us" (O-pill-e-us). He is a dragon from the series of books Chloe is writing called 'The New World'. I think Opille"us" is pretty amazing. Especially since he is needle-felted. Needle-felting makes me bonkers (not to mention all the sore fingers I have). I am amazed what Chloe can do with a bit of roving and felting needle.

Also soon we are going to have a wedding here. Gleim (Chloe's dragon) is marring his fair Saphira (Elizabeth, Chloe's best friend) dragon. It is quite a wedding planed. They have been busy making a wedding veil and suit for the groom. Refreshments, topper for the chocolate cake and decorations. I hear they will be honeymooning in a quite corner of our forest. We are hoping for  sunny day so they can have an outdoor wedding !!!! 




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karla nathan

I can't wait for the wedding pictures. I can just see you girls stitching the gown for the bride!

The Glitter Fairy

WOW, Chloe!
Your dragon is spectacular! What a talent you are! I can see a whole flock of dragons (flock?,gaggle?,herd?) soon! Congratulations on such wonderful craftsmanship and a beautiful design.
Hey Clarice...
Sorry I've been such a blog deadbeat lately...lots of orders and very little blogging time. It was so great to hear from you as always. Stay well.


Chloe, you are sooo talented! The detail of his head and face is amazing ~ very cool!


Amazing. I have always wanted to felt and have yet to try. So sweet! Love your new look. So very pretty.

Gumbo Lily

You ought to brag! Sweet dragon if I ever did see one!



He remind me of "Puff The Magic Dragon that lived by the sea, and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee."

Jill xo

Lady Laurie

The dragon is adorable, Chloe he is fabulous!! My son would love him, he is very into dragons.
Dinner sounds delicous, I love pasta meals too, and just about anything with vegetables, except the dreaded brussel sprouts!


How exciting! What an amazing and handsome dragon, I love him! I can't wait for the wedding photos!

Mary T.

Hi, I'm coming out of my silence to say "WOW! Chloe you are amazing!" I hope you kept track of how you made this guy because I can see a demand for the directions coming soon. Hugs to your whole family, Mary T.


WOW Chloe. You are really getting good at the needle felting. Clarice isn't this whole wedding the kind of creative play we had hoped for with homeschooling. Who needs Barbie's. Love, Mom

the feathered nest

Chloe is as creative as her momma! He's so cute and I'm very impressed that she's writing a book!



being gone all week I've missed a lot...great dragon! I'm looking froward to wedding pix. Fabulous market bag! I've got an idea for a couple of market bags too.


Excellent! What a lovely dragon. Chloe is a wonderful artist -- great job! I look forward to hearing more of the wedding plans. And I hope the wedding photographer takes lots of pictures.


Nicely done, Miss Chloe! My piXies and I are impressed by your eXtraordinary creativity.


I don't know what needle felting is, but he is pretty darn amazing!!


Wow! Too cool. (I love needle felting. So easy and soothing.)


Yay, Chloe! I was lucky enough to see this dragon in person and I can assure you, he's wonderful.
The wedding preparations continue at our house as well. Hey Clarice-if our girls' dragons get married does that mean we will finally be related? Does that mean I can barge in for Christmas dinner? YAY! Finally!
Love, Angie (Elisabeth's mom)

Auberne Ancalimon

He's soooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!! :}

Auberne' Ancalimon

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