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Wondering what I eat on just a plain-old week day for dinner? Well this meal is exactly the type of basic meal I eat all the time. (I just had it last Wednesday and it was good). I LOVE one bowl pasta dishes. They are amazing, easy and veryyyyyy budget friendly. If you have any leftover meat, you could chop it up and added it. But you do get protein from the nuts and cheese. I often have my hubby grill an extra steak or chop for this very type of thing.

I also love this type of dish because I can do most of my work earlier in the day. I might be the only one, but by dinner time I am dragging. I like to cook what I can earlier. At noon (right after lunch) I do all the roasting. I just keep the green beans in the large bowl I am serving them in on the counter. 

And yes, this is a "budget" dish IF you get a deal on your cheese and nuts. Also if you picked raspberries in the summer and filled up your freezer, then the dessert is a good deal too.

Budget tips:

I buy Romano cheese instead of Parmigiano-Rggiano. First, it is usually cheaper. It also has more bang-for-your-buck and a much more intense, salty flavor. Since I can not afford the good stuff, the Romano's intensity helps. I love this cheese sooo much, a small wedge of this with some dried figs is my idea of heaven.

Buy nuts when on sale and store in freezer !!!!!


Roasted Garlic/Green Bean Pasta

1 pound frozen green beans, (I like the thin, french ones)

1 head of garlic, roasted

1/3 cup toasted, chopped hazelnuts or walnuts

1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese

1  pound cooked pasta

To roast green beans:

Pre-heat oven 375. Toss green beans, still frozen in 4 TBL. or so of olive oil, 1 tsp. salt and pepper to taste. Oil will freeze, but it will be fine. Spread beans out on a large cookie tray. Roast to your liking. At lest 1/2 hour or more (if you like them supper crispy like me).

While cooking beans toast nuts and roast garlic. Just wrap you pre-pared garlic in a square of foil and set off to the side of the oven to roast.

When ready to eat, toss beans with cheese, garlic, 1/8 cup olive oil, another tsp. of salt, pepper and hot cooked pasta. If pasta still looks dry add more oil. Serve with fresh Romano cheese


Silken Raspberry Mousse

(with some bittersweet chocolate-chips on the side xoxoxox)


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I agree 100% on the Romano cheese! Cheaper and more flavorful, IMO. Thanks for visiting my blog - I look forward to reading yours!


Oh what a lovely photo! I absolutely LOVE the colors of veggies! :) So earthy and rich! Thank you for sharing with us readers!


Love, love, love the new banner, Clarice! Absolutely beautiful.

Oh, and the recipe sounds lovely too. :)

Donna O.

I just ate about 10 Hersey kisses and the guilt has set in after seeing your gorgeous photo (and I don't eat veggies- bad girl!)


Mmmm, anything with green beans has my vote!

Gumbo Lily

Hey Clarice!
First of all, I love the illuminated letters on your new banner and the butterflies are the perfect touch.

Now, about that roasted pasta dish.....YUM! Ever since you recommended roasting veggies, I've been doing it much to my family's happiness! Just the other night we had roasted brocolli and onions for a side dish. We love it. This supper you've made sounds really delish. A steak on the side sounds just perfect!



Love the banner, it's so springtime and fresh! Mmmm, I'm enjoying reading this recipe!



I love the new banner!


Kim of Thistle Dew Mercantile

Clarice! That sounds very yummy, and I think I'm going to have to try it! Hubby LOVES garlic. Funny... I've never tried roasting veggies like that!

And that raspberry mousse looks like a keeper... Kate doesn't eat dairy, so I'm always thrilled with another easy way to use tofu.

Kim :-)


Mmmm...the recipe sounds great and I love your new banner! Very "Spring-y"!


What a gorgeous picture and your menu sounds so delicious, Clarice!
P.s. I got that little cupboard at the resale store last summer. :0)


Sounds scrumptious. Coincidentally, I just posted a piX of green beans from the farmer's market ~ although these were topped with something even more eXotic than romano (tee hee). Love your pretty new header!



What I wouldn't give to be able to have raspberries in the winter, frozen or not. Even during the season they are very expensive here,about $4. a pint. I usually buy one each week for a treat during their short season.


Sounds really good Clarice. I love Romano cheese too!!
I will have to try this.
Thanks for the recipe!


That sounds SO yummy. I'll have to try it sometime...With a steak for dh...He is not a big fan of meatless! :)

the feathered nest

Boy this sure sounds good! I'll have to try it next week. Thanks for sharing the recipe - I always get my best recipes from other bloggers. I don't even buy cookbooks anymore unless someone highly recommends one!



That sounds so good! I will try that later on this week! Thanks for the recipe, Clarice.



I am going to try this recipe it sound delish!



Oh so yummy! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely recipe ideas; it is so helpful for my own menu plans.

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