A Winner and An Egg

Jennifer Murphy Bunnies


Well I have been meaning to make a Jennifer Murphy bunny for a while. I am soooo in-love with this bunny. I think it is the cup-cake skirt I love the most. I made Miss. Poppy a bit more fluffy and fat then Jennifer's because she has been munching lots of chocolate and jelly beans, just like me ;-) I needle-felted her some wool eyes and used horse hair for her whiskers. I glued Miss. Poppy on a vintage jello mold. Just perfect !!!!! Oh you can learn to make your bunny here. 

PS. someone keeps leaving very sweet comments, but leaves no name or address. So I can not say thank you. Whoever you are thank you and I will try to stopping eating chocolate and getting working on the baking issue xoxoxox



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Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto,

Lovely bunny!


Mrs. Mobunny



Oh! I LOVE it!


Love the bunny! You did such a great job. The flowers make her so sweet..Aah, spring.


So cute... Love that bunny... Your blog is adorable... So inspirational. I need to get busy and get ready for spring...


I think Miss Poppy is very sweet, and she looks just perfect on the little tin mold!
Have a happy weekend!

jennifer Paganellli

Clarice as always the richness of your blog keeps me scurrying around your blog just love visiting and am so grateful you like the fabrics nothing makes me happier just knowing they inspire others is a big gift...all my best and enjoy the Sew expo!!

Elaine L.

Oh, my goodness! She is so sweet.


Bumpkin Bears

your bunny is just such a sweetie, a real little character :) I love the sound of your cottage in your blog description :)
Beary Hugs, Catherine x


What an adorable bunny! My little girl would love it, maybe we'll make one!


Adorable! Just love that bunny!

:) LaTeaDah


Too, too cute!



Your bunny is adorable and not a scruffy bunny at all like mine!

I love making those bunnies too. Hey, I just noticed the flowers.. Ah, that is so sweet Clarice.


Jill xo ~ Sending my bunny love your way...


Hi Clarice,
How cute I love rabbits.

Gumbo Lily

Miss Poppy couldn't be sweeter!


the feathered nest

Cute, cute, cute! That bunny is adorable - I think I like the cupcake skirt the most too (I love anything with pleats)!



Oh, I have those bunnies on my to make list, she is darling.


Your bunny is gorgeous and such a wonderful celebration of the approach of spring. I love the idea of mounting it on the bundt pan, so clever.

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