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Happy Valentine my dear readers. I have a lot of loves in my life, but you readers one of them. Anyone of you who has a blog understands what I mean. But if you do not have a blog, I do not think you understand just how much your support, your comments, you cheering on means. I feel so blessed to be able to have a blog, to be able to share what is in my heart and for you to take the time from your busy day, to stop by neck of the woods. Thank you !!!!!!

Oh I had such big plans. The prettiest Valentine's I was going to make. I have all the supplies, it all laid out in my head. I was going to surprise so many of you with such yummy mail. But sadly this month has been against me. Between travel, three birthdays, Valentines for my girls and not feeling well. Well, nothing happened. I feel soooooo bad. I really did have the best intentions. So in-lieu of Valentine's I am going to have a book giveaway. For the next four weeks (or maybe more weeks), once a week I will have a book giveaway. This week's book is Linens and Lace by Trica Foley. A week from now I will announce a winner and a new book. Remember to tell me what your favorite chocolate is too, or if you hate chocolate, we will come up with something else. There is nothing on a cold winter day like a yummy book and a piece for chocolate.

PS. Thank you to those who sent me the most wonderful Valentines. I have them up around my house and think of you when I see them. You were much to kind to me xoxoxoxo



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Hi, probably too late for your giveaway, but I love books and chocolate! Just found your sweet blog...

Pearl Maple

Lots of us can join you in the complaint of having a manic month that prevented the level of creativity we enjoy but I look at creative blog posts and a nice little tidbit to tide us over till we can get our hands on something.

Your valentines posts have been wonderful in all kinds of different ways. The book on handmade treasures is a special find, how kind of you to share.

Chocolate - i could take it almost any way they serve it up but with bacon sure is a new one! I find that the plain, 80% and very very dark is more than enough in one bite to power me on all day long.

Here is a link for you to North America's first chocolate bar company http://www.ganong.com/about_us/index.html

Mary Issabella

Happy Valentine's Day. I know what you mean about the Birthday's I had 4 this month. It really keeps you busy. What a swet give away. I love to read !!! Who could go wrong with chocolate....Mary


Oops...forgot to tell you fav chocolate! I love Hageen Daz Rocky Road ice! I love Dove chocolate bars, too!


I cherish anything handcrafted. I also cherish books. Smile. You won my heart either way!
Everyday Cookies blog


Linens and Lace looks like a delightful book. I wish I could use more white linen in my home but my hubby's not a fan of white in general. Maybe if I throw in some lace with it!

Dark chocolate is Queen! Especially with almonds mixed in.

Elaine L.

Thank you for the comment you directed to those of us who don't have blogs. I love reading and posting on many blogs, but sometimes I feel left out since I don't have one. It's like that old feeling of not being in the club. It seems like most of the giveaways go to fellow bloggers.



Clarice I have that book and love it. In Tricia Foley's hey day (maybe it's not over yet) any time I saw a layout in a decorating magazine that really resonated with me nine times out of ten it was a Tricia Foley design.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

(obviously you don't have to enter me in this weeks drawing - just wanted to wish you well)

Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Clarice, I hope this is finding you feeling a little more in the pink. Favorite chocolate? The darker, the better. Susan


I hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones!


Hot chocolate! With whipped cream and chocolate spinkles...a cherry to top it off!



Is there anything better than a wonderful book and yummy milk chocolate? Include me please! Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!

Cindi Hoppes

What a lovely site you have! I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Chocolate. I can't think of too many chocolate goodies I (wouldn't like)! The only one is chocolate covered cherries.....Please enter me in your book drawing. I appreciate it.....Cindi

Bonnie Buckingham

Well that's wonderful instead of Valentine's~~ a BOOK! You have a sweet heart!

Best Chocolate is a hot chocolate or hot
mocha coffee! Drink and a book. How about that?!


Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
The same thing happen to me. I had good intentions but time got away from me. That book looks wonderful.


Great giveaway. Thank so much. Best of health. I enjoy dark chocolate.


Happy Valentine's my dear! I won't join in on the contest, but wanted to say hello!


Great blog and your intentions were sweet! I love Cadbury chocolate, a cup of tea and a good book.


I agree Clarice, there are not enough hours in the day to complete all the plans I have in my mind.
Do not feel bad, your blog is a constant gift to us all ~ thank you! I will be hoping you feel much better soon.
Happy Valentine's Day!!


Happy Valentine's Day to you. I'm with you on the "didn't-accomplish-the-plans-I-had" this year. Too much other stuff happening.

Chocolate - it has to be dark. I love Lindt's 70% bar, or a local bar made here by Roger's Chocolates called "Fire Bar." It's dark with bits of jalapeno and chipotle pepper. Goes down smooth with a hint of after burn. Delectable.

Great book giveaway!


Happy Valentine's Day!!
I love dark chocolate -- with chocolate in the middle. :)


Happy Valentine's Day. My road is always paved with good intentions but lots of them end up in the ditch, lol. You are so generous to offer all those giveaways. I haven't read a bad choice of chocolate in the comments so far. I love 70% dark chocolate, but being a true chocoholic any that don't have nuts are delicious to me!!!!


Happy Valentines Day, Clarice! Yes, you are right about the wonders of awesome blogging friends. They really do make the world go round! I visit you every day, virtually, and always come away refreshed and delighted.

I also had troubles with my Valentine's plans. With no oven right now, I resorted to bakery treats --- Baklava, Nanimo Bars, and a Chocolate covered mound type cake --- all packaged up in pretty paper, white netting, and a red ribbon for each of the boys and for B's girlfriend. They are being delivered today --- and maybe NEXT year my kitchen will be done and I can bake something myself.

The book looks lovely! How sweet of you to have a weekly drawing for the next few weeks.

Enjoy a happy day! When the children were small we started calling this Sweethearts Day --- so Happy Valentine's to you and yours! Give the girls a hug from me!



I know what you mean Clarice!!
A book giveaway is a wonderful idea!!
You have a great Valentine's Day!

Gumbo Lily

Dear Clarice,
Happy Valentine's Day. I still have your Valentine on my kitchen desk, needing to be mailed. I will send it on although late.

I hope you get to feeling well soon. Nurse Jody says, "Take a big vitamin C pill and rest, rest, rest." (and have some chocolate for your nerves)

~Jody (who likes plain, dark chocolate)

the feathered nest

Clarice, Happy Valentines Day to you and your family! I know all about good intentions LOL - I had plans to sew hearts and send cards and it just didn't happen.:-)

My favorite chocolates are Godivas - hopefully I'll get a few today!


Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

What a lovely book you are giving away! I completely understand about the big plans going awry....it's happened here, too. Just another reminder to hold our plans loosely, eh?

Favorite chocolate? The darker the better!! Something along the lines of the 80% cacao from Trader Joe's.


Happy Valentines day to you and yours, I wish you cosy times with good books and chocolate and something yummy to drink! My favorite chocolate was recently withdrawn:( but I'll settle for Freia's melkchocolat-en liten stuck av Norge (milk chocolate- a little bit of Norway) Gill.


How lovely, Clarice! I know all about the good intentions. There is never enough time to do all that is in our hearts, is there?! But it sounds as though your priorities have been in place and THAT is true love!

Um....I have to choose which chocolate is my favorite??? Green and Black Dark Mint Chocolate is yummy but so are many, many more!

Thanks for the chance to win this book!


Hi Clarice.

It's a lovely give-away. I'll leave my name out of the hat, though, because I've been given so many nice things lately. I'd like to give someone else a chance.

Thank you for being such a nice friend.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Hi Clarice! Happy Valentine's Day sweet one!! I would love to be entered into your giveaway for this beautiful book ~ I love the taste of that smooth chocolate orange that you find at Christmastime and break open into slices! xxoo, Dawn



Happy Valentine's Day!

Jill xo

Clarice, I know exactly what you mean about blogging because I feel the same way! What a blessing it has been, indeed! Happy, happy Valentine's Day, dear friend. xoxoxo Susan P.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Count me in - this looks like a great read.

I've posted this at my book review/contest blog - A Book Blogger's Diary

Hope that's ok with you. Thanks! And Happy Valentine's Day.
abookblogger at gmail dot com


Clarice, I certainly send you wishes for a speedy recovery. It's not at all fun feeling ill.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family--may it be full of love and laughter.

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