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Flippery Cards


I saw these wonderful button note-cards at How About Orange. You just download the PDF for the card, print it up and add the buttons. But I thoughts some baby yo-yos would be great. I also rounded the edges of the card. Now I have sweet cards to send to you lucky readers who win a book xoxox

Also I wanted to take you for all your wonderful advice and prayers for Cynthia and her cancer. I just wanted to let you know she is doing well. She did have a mastectomy. But they feel they got all the cancer and she will have chemo. But it is only a precautionary measure. Her spirits are high and she looks wonderful.


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Janice schaub

Great idea thank you. Looks easy. I am sure there are many other ideas to use these little yoyos for to decorate cards. Maybe a tee shirt too


I just googled how to make a yo yo and I'm excited to try it and add some to a few of these cards! Thanks for sharing.


Cute, cute, cute! I love those cards! Sew creative, Clarice!


Cute, cute, cute! I love those cards! Sew creative, Clarice!

calamity kim

Clarice- those cards are so cute! I read down a ways and love the picture of the dragon and the veggies- good stuff! I am so happy to be home! I feel as if I have been let out of jail! I am going to the sewing room! Have a happy day! Spring is Sprung!

Donna O.

Absolutely LOVE the banner- it fits your name perfectly!!!

Gumbo Lily

cute, cute CUTE!




How clever, I love the little cards!

Jill xo

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
How cute.


This is my first visit here and I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.


Lovely new banner…

Cute cards, the yo-yos add a nice touch.



totally great cards.


As a yo-yo making girl, I love these. I found a book on yo-yo crafts at the sewing expo...DELIGHT.

the feathered nest

Very cute Clarice! Thanks for the link. I'm so glad that Cynthia is doing well.

Have a wonderful weekened!



Love them :)


Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

These are so cute!! I love stuff like this that is so totally do-able and doesn't require tons of expensive supplies. Thanks for sharing your cards and the link.


these are just adorable...the yo yo's are perfect :)

Lady Laurie

I love these cards, especially how you added the yo~yos!! I had plans at one time to make a yo~yo coverlet, maybe someday I'll do it...


How cute Clarice!!
Glad Cynthia is doing OK.
Have a wonderful weekend!


What adorable cards! I love handmade cards, too. Thanks for the link to the templete--I've already saved it:)

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