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Well since I had success with my Rubblework scarf, I thought I would take the same concept and make a table runner for Valentines. All I did was make a pieced top, add rick-rack to the edge and then a back side fabric. I did not add any filler or quilt it, I wanted it to lay totally flat. Thanks to Michele, I found a brilliant idea, 9 patch. Since the part I hate is all the cutting out of little pieces and putting them together, this was perfect for me. Thank you Michele. It is SO easy, you have to check it out !!!!!!!! My colors for my living-room this spring are soft reds, coral pinks and light turquoise. For the hearts I potato stamped them, I am pretty happy with the runner. The fabrics did not come together like I envisioned. I can see I need to develop more of a quilters eye. As usual I learned a few more things. With each project I do there are mistakes, but then there are lessoned learned. I have to say Kathy's tips in her Rubblework scarf pattern really helped me with the runner xoxoxox



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Beautiful runner....love it...


That is so beautiful Clarice!! What a great quilter you are. I was so determined to get a table runner made for this past Christmas, but never even got started. Yours has certainly inspired me!
Have a good weekend,



Wow that's one fantastic table runner...I love the fabrics you put together. I'm glad my tutorial helped you make this lovely runner

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


This turned out GREAT, Clarice! I love the way the potato stamps look. That was the best choice for sure!

What was it you said about hating to quilt? What was it you said about not being able to do it? Well, it's time to eat your words!! (and wash them down with some cocoa!
Love, Angie

karla nathan

What a pretty combination of colors!


What a clever idea!!! Clarice--it's just beautiful! I'm so proud of you : )


I'm just about giggling myself SILLY to think that my dear, dear friend Clarice is now a QUILTER! And not just "a quilter", but a pretty darn good one at that! What an eye for color you have, sweetie!

I'll be giving that pattern a whirl, never fear, though I have a line of about 3 - 15 other projects in front of it!! LOL That's the thing about fabric crafts...there's always at least ONE that needs to be made RIGHT NOW!



I think you did a very nice job with the fabrics that you've chosen and that this has turned out very pretty. I especially like the rick rack border.

I think it's perfect, Clarice. The rick rack adds the perfect finishing touch! Just charming:o)


It's so pretty Clarice!!
Very Valentiny and sweet.
I love it!


Stunning! YOu are so talented Clarice...or should I say gifted! Either way, you sure know how to make a house a home!
Love the runner!
Welcome Home and glad you had such a great time!


Oh, it's so very gorgeous! I'm crazy about your beautiful tablerunner.


Oh, it's gorgeous, Clarice! I have got to make one of these for Easter, yours is SO pretty!
P.s. Thank you for the birthday wishes. The thought of you making a yummy meal for me and then having tea and watching Pride and Prejudice together brought a smile to my face. I hope that someday we can meet and do just that! You are a sweet friend.

Elaine L.

The runner is very pretty and I LOVE the table it's laying on.


Sher's Creative Expressions

Love the runner. . . perfect for Valentine's Day!!



Gumbo Lily

It's great, Clarice! I like the colors and the potato stamped hearts. Keep up the good quilting work!


the feathered nest

You're amazing! I love this runner! The potato heart stamp is such a special touch. It's beautiful!



Clarice, this looks lovely! I really like the way the fabrics came together and the heart prints are charming. Very nice.

You've inspired me to dress up the corner cupboard for Valentine's today. :)


I find the best way to deal with that fabric problem is to spend a fair amount of time "auditioning" fabric. Put them down somewhere together (I use part of the counter in my kitchen), where you can look at them together for a few days. Try switching fabrics out, and changing the placement until you get it right.

If you have space you could do it on a flannel wall also.


Your Valentines table runner is SO beautiful! I love the prints you used and the contrast effects you achieved. And most of all, I love the heart-prints cut from potatoes! Excellent and very creative! Thank you for sharing and the inspiration!

(still glad you are home and posting again)



Love the table runner!

Jill xo

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