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I just sold another copy of my egg issue and although most of you know about it. I thought I should write about it, as we are entering spring. Some thought it was an Easter theme but it is not. Although it is perfect for Easter, it is more just a spring issue. I choose the theme of eggs because to me they symbolize spring. There is crafts, a menu, recipes, poem, ect. all having to do with the egg (or nest) theme. I am posting the contents and you can read more about it here. I am very red with embarrassed that it is almost a year later and I have no new petite-magazine to share with you. I am writing a baking issue and trying to finish it. Life is to fast and my days are too short, but I am trying.


We have a winner Manuela at   The Feathered Nest. Congratulations. I will e-mail you xoxox

Our new book to win this week is Book Of Colors by Alexandra Stoddard. I choose this book, because with Alexandra being the author-of-the-year for Victoria magazine , I think we are all going back with renewed interest in her writings. This book is about discovering the joy of color in your everyday life. Also color is suppose to be in this year, so she is with the trends ;-) Again next week I will list the winner and a new book. Leave your name and good luck xoxoxox


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One of my favorite authors in a give-away? How could I not enter? Please put my name in!


Pearl Maple

Congrats Manuela lucky girl.

Your little bunny creation is darling, so full of personality.

Always a joy to visit your blog space that is always filled with creative inspiration.

Mary Issabella

I love the bunny you made and I am going to follow the link on how to make her....


If it's not too late, please put my name in the hat too ~ thanX! I'm not famliar with this AleXandra Stoddard title. It looks like a feast for the eyes. You have such a knack for finding fun and inspiring treasures!


Christine Crocker

I always love to come for a visit Clarice, Louis Armstrong and a pink "chubby from candy" Easter bunny girl!
What could be better?!

Thank you so much for coming to visit the dollies & me.



hallo from Poland :)
at first I want to say that I really LOVE your blog and althouugh I write a comment for the first time I read your blog almost everyday. you are such an inspiration for me !!!! I`m a mom to 2 beautiful little girls and I find your ideas and crafts wonderful to us. as to Alexandra Stoddart books - I have read about them in the web a lot (like about "Victoria" magazine) and I wish I could have them but here in Poland they aren`t published :( so maybe I will be lucky :) warm greetings to you and all your family from us !!!! Iwona


Good day! I love color! Some friends call my house the rainbow house. Every room is painted a different color. I have red and white, sage green, moss green, yellow, red, medium blue, sky blue, beige, purple and gold... just missing an orangie color.


Congratulations to Manuela!
Alexandra Stoddard's "Living a Beautiful Life" has had a profound influence the way I live. I gave my copy to a friend years ago, but I think it might be time to get another one for myself.

Clarice, I just wanted to share with the ladies that I ordered your Spring magazine last year. It is a lovely compilation of recipes, decorating, beautiful pics, etc.. For anybody who is sitting on the fence I want to highly recommend it! BTW, I didn't know you were writing a baking magazine. Oh my goodness, I can't wait!!


Congrats to Manuela!!


Hi Clarice,
I love Alexandar Stoddard. I got her new book for Christmas. I made one of the market bags today.


I love Alexandra's books so much that I named my daughter after her. I bought and enjoy your Egg Book, too.

Gumbo Lily

I was thinking today as I clicked "Storybook Woods" in my favorites, how much I appreciate your blog. It's a place I love to visit regularly and never grow weary of it nor am I overwhelmed by it. Thank you for a perfect place to visit. You're so creative, true to yourself, real, practical and lovable.

I absolutely love Alexandra Stoddard and would be happy to be included in the drawing for her book. Thanks Clarice!


the feathered nest

Clarice, I'm so thrilled to have won! I'm glad you reminded us about your petite magazine. I'll have to get a copy as I love all that you do. I'll also have to get the baking one when you're finished writing it!

Alexandra Stoddard has been a huge influence in my life (her and Tracey McBride) so I'd love to be entered. Maybe I'll get lucky again!



Alexandra Stoddard has been a wonderful influence on me as I've gotten older. Her sense of style and self-care has taught me so much about being, and loving, myself.


I'm back again to say thank you. I quick went over to Lulu and ordered the egg issue. It's now safely ensconced on my computer and just waiting for me to print and play.


I do not know how I missed the fact that you have issues like your egg magazine available, where in the world have I been? Shame on me for missing this.

It's funny that you posted about Alexandra Stoddard as I've had a renewed interest in her books lately, too.

Congratulations to Manuela for winning your fantastis drawing!


I am a huge fan of Alexandra Stoddard. I am 'for sure' entering this drawing (grin). I have many of her books, but this is one I didn't know about until today.

I received a book today from a tea friend. It is one I think you would like. It is called Welcome Home by Elizabeth Knight. Keep watch for it --- it is similar to some of the 'home' themed books by Alexandra Stoddard and Emily Barnes.

Enjoy a PERFECT day! We have SUNSHINE!



Congratulations, Manuela! What a great idea sweet Clarice!!! Thank you so much for visiting my little shoppe ~ I really appreciate it!! We'll see how it does....wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ~ xxoo, Dawn


Hi there,Clarice! We are awaiting Spring and color with longing...we managed to find a few twigs of pussy willow today which I am going to make into a tablescape (a-la Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary) with a nest and eggs too. I love your Eggs petite magazine, and will be re reading it very soon:) Gill.


Sign me up also! I bought one of her first books many years ago and she has always been a favorite of mine. She was interviewed by Melissa @ The Inspired Room(wordpress) a couple of weeks ago.



Jusst love your blog, it is inspiring in pictures as well as writings...enter my name, please.

Donna O.

Well, I'm glad you wrote about it because I didn't know of it!! Very cool.And great idea!!



I loved your Spring Petite Magazine!
In fact, I was just looking at it the other day, and all of your lovely ideas. It got me into a Spring kind of feeling too!
I absolutely love the picture with the nest and eggs..

If you havn't seen Clarice's little book of creative Spring idee's you must indeed!

Jill xo

Desert Lady

Clarice, your blog is a feast for the eyes! I always enjoy checking in, to see what you're sharing. The menu,frugality, and decorating ideas have been fun. Please put my name in for the "Book of Colors." Since the days when Alexandra Stoddard was featured in the old McCall's Magazine, I have been a "follower" of hers! I own a few of her books, but I've not seen this one. Thank you for your writings! Blessings. Desert Lady

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