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Hello, I have a request from my dear friend Angie. Her sister (who is also a dear friend of mine. She is one of the first friends I made when I moved to WA 17 years ago) has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Angie is looking for ways to support her sister through this time. She is looking for cool ideas for head coverings. She thought some of you reader might have gone through this and have some fun, interesting head covering ideas. Also if you think of it please say a prayer for Cynthia. Thank you xoxoxoxo


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so sorry to read this kind of messages :( but I think that maybe I have something that could help. I don`t know if this person is christian but this dosen`t matter. some time ago I have found this ministry and I think that this is what she is needing most now - address is:
there is many healing stories about cancer and I stongly belive that her story will be next. I will pray for her. war greetings ad hugs, Iwona


Hoping and praying for Cynthia's recovery.

Elaine L.

Tell your friend about this site. They have lots of hats/wigs that are very affordable. There are many specialty items that you won't see other places, for example, hats with attached bangs.


The Glitter Fairy

Sending glittery prayers your way for Angie and her sister, Clarice.
So good to hear from you. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, too!
Glittelry hugs to you,


I always hate to hear of another one of us battling this. I am too. Will add her to my list for sure.


I will say my prayers for her. I know she will get lots of ideas out there! xo

Lisa L

Sorry to hear about your friend Clarice! There is a lady here who has finished her cancer treatment and when she lost her hair she wore these head coverings and they were cute!
Here is the link:

Blessings to you and your friend!
Lisa L

Gumbo Lily

My prayers for Angie and for Cynthia. You're a sweet friend, Clarice.



Oooh! Thanks to everyone for the advice, encouragment, and wonderful links. I appreciate it so very much.
It's hard to know where to begin with something like this-and once a person is diagnosed everything moves so fast it's hard to catch your breath let alone wonder about the little (yet important) things like head coverings or breast prostithes (found a great pattern for a knitted one!).
Thanks to everyone for your generosity, prayers and advice. You're all wonderful.

I'm off to make breakfast for my sister-
Love, Angie


I will add her to my prayers!

Here are some links to free patterns for chemo caps; I've tried to find one in each form of possible interest:

Simple Chemo Crocheted Caps

Knitted Chemo Cap and Matching Scarf (and great links regarding breast cancer awareness)

Hancock Fabrics Store Sewn Chemo Cap

I hope this is helpful!

Sher's Creative Expressions

I was just in the Pet Store tonight purchasing some dog food and noticed a cashier wearing a bonnet (think Amish like) and the bonnet said "Quiet Please - Hair Growing." Made me smile and say a prayer for the precious little soul at the cash register ringing up that order.




Hi Clarice,
So sorry to hear that. I will add her to my prayers. I bet you will get a lot of ideas.


I will pray for your friend's sister. My MIL had breast cancer. . .and my best advice is to be there for her in any way she needs it. A listening ear, going with her to treatment, a casserole or special treat, a good book, and a flower now and then. Emotional support is essential.

Praying for her. . .

the feathered nest

Sorry to hear about your friend, Clarice. I'm sure people will come up with some good resources for her.


Gill carry all kinds of headcoverings and they seem to be very reasonable, so it is possible to have several styles or colors if they catch your friends fancy. I pray all goes well, Gill.


I'm sorry to hear the news about your friend, and I will hold a good thought for her.

Lady Laurie

I am so sorry to hear of your friend Clarice. My prayers go out to her and her family.


When my dear friend traveled this path,she developed a preference for silk scarves. She had a nice wig, but found it uncomfortable. Her scalp was eXtremely sensitive. The silk scarves were lovely worn alone, or topped with a light, wide-brimmed, straw hat. She also had an adorable black "fisherman's" cap, lined with silk that was jaunty and fun for casual occasions. Prayers for Cynthia, Angie and loved ones.

molly mcgovern

She has my prayers! I would be happy to knit her a chemo cap. Tell me what colors she likes and e-mail me her addy.


Thanks for posting my request for ideas, Clarice. I really appreciate it. I need all the help and ideas I can get!

Love, Angie

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