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I am heading off to OR to visit my in-laws, I will be back next week. With all my posts about saving grocery money, I thought I would leave you with my version of oatmeal.

It may seem silly to add all these ingredients to the oatmeal, when you could just add it when you eat it. But it seems to me it would be better to infuse the oats with flavors, instead of covering them. I find also by adding some sugar, my girls use less syrup.

Clarice's Oatmeal

2 cups rolled oats, not instant, I use thick

1 ½ cup milk

2 ½ cups water

1/8 cup sugar

Pinch of salt

1 tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. ground fresh nutmeg

1/2 tsp. grounded ginger

1 tsp. vanilla extract or half of vanilla bean

Put all ingredients in large stock pot and bring to boil, add oats and turn down to med-low. Slowly simmer till oats are soft. Probably 15-20 minutes. If oats get too dry add bit more water.

While oats are cooking toast chopped pecans in oven, at 350 for 5-8 minutes.

Serve oatmeal with toasted pecans, chopped dried figs and dried pears, a dash of fresh maple syrup and oh what the heck, some heavy cream !!!!


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Dear Clarice,

I love all your sweet cottages! If I find anything like that around here I will get it for you! Your oatmeal sounds yummy too! Have a I told you lately how much I love your blog? And you too, of course!!!
Love, Paula

Susan L

Clarice, you're in my state! Hope you have fun.

Hey, you know the plate with the cottage painted on it that you have hanging on your wall-- green dooor, blue windows, pink flowers beside the door... ? I'm wondering what it says on the back of it because when we lived in England I started collecting a tea set that was exactly that style. I still have the salt and pepper shakers, but the butter dish broke. The lid of the butter dish looked exactly like that cottage--identical colors. I assume it's some kind of Cottage Ware, but what brand? I'd like to track it down and try to get another butter dish. I've seen darker versions of Cottage Ware, and more bland versions, but the one I had was by far my favorite style/look.

Just wondering if you could help me out!

It's fun to know how you eat oatmeal-- yummy! :-)


Pearl Maple

Have a great holiday and thanks for sharing your secret recipe for porridge, it is those additions that make it uniquely you and special.


Have a wonderful trip, Clarice! The pictures you shared are so pretty and thank you for the oatmeal recipe, I love oatmeal for breakfast!


We eat oatmeal a lot; thanks for the yummy recipe.
I really like all your cottage pictures!
Have a wonderful weekend, Clarice.


Lady Laurie

Have a wonderful trip Claice and thanks for the recipe!


Have a wonderful trip and thank you so much for sharing the wonderful oatmeal recipe!


Love the pictures and recipe...
have a great time


We made this for breakfast this morning. It was wonderful, only one problem...I didn't make enough. I cooked dried mango in with all the other yummies. And you are right, we didn't need much maple syrup at all! Wish I would have had some cream, but it was already very creamy.
Thanks from our family!


The way I eat oatmeal is the way my dad always eats oatmeal. You will laugh it is so boring, just milk and Gasp!! white sugar. Tastes great to me. I can't imagine it any other way.

Have a great trip!



Have a fun trip Clarice!
See you when you get back.

the feathered nest

Wonderful photo! Thanks for the recipe - I've been eating oatmeal everyday in an effort to lower my cholesterol.

Have a wonderful time with your in-laws!



What a lovely photo you posted for us to enjoy as you embark upon your trip. Thank you for the recipe.

Have a lovely time!


Can I hide in your suitcase? I'm soooo homesick (waaah)! If you venture into Mac for lunch, The Sage Cafe is eXcellent! Have a wonderful visit. Oh and thanX for the EVOO review. I just bought the Costco twin pack and it's decent.


Sounds yummy! I'd never thought of using figs as a topping. I'll give it a try! I don't have dried pears, but I do have dried mango and that might be good, too!
Have fun while you are away!


Have a safe trip! I'll miss you! I love your cottage plaques and pictures. . .and your oatmeal recipe sounds delicious!


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