Happy Birthday Sweetie !!!!!
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Rubblework Scarf


Yeah, I did a patchwork and did not kill anyone ;-) I made Kathy- Pink Chalk Studio, Rubblework scarf and love it. I soo struggle with patchwork, I can not cut anything straite (even with cutting mat, rotary cutter and guide. My scarf is skinnier then it is suppose to be and I spent 2 two hours re-cutting and still made mistakes. But I think you can not tell, I hope. Kathy if I see you at the grocery store, do not look too close at my scarf :-). But I have to say Kathy's scarf was very easy to make. As a dyslexic I have such trouble reading patterns but I was really impressed with how well written Kathy's pattern is. Very clear, easy to read, full of helpful information. I loved the extra tips she added but it was not so much information that it lost me. Sewing it was easy and it came together with no problem. One nice thing, is you are just purchasing a PDF file. No shipping to deal with.

I have to tell you I have been lucky enough to meet Kathy and she is such a kind, fun and down to earth lady. Chloe still talks about her daughters. She is just like how she is on her blog. Kathy I love the scarf and am ready to try a bit more piece work, thank you xoxoxoox


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Pretty! Pretty! I really like this.

I know what will get you hooked on patchwork. ;-) Head over to www.fatquartershop.com and check out the charm packs and jolly packs. Pre-cut squares of coordinated beauty!


Way to go Clarice!!! I love all the colors you chose. I'm just so proud of you for giving it a go and coming out with such spectacular results. You're definitely on your quilting way. I'm going to have to save you a seat at the Kitsap Quilter Guild meetings! xo kathy


Ooh..I love it, Clarice! You did a great job!


You did a fabulous job! Patchwork is a great idea for a scarf. Give yourself some credit!

Sandra Evertson

Happy Birthday!
Woo! Hoo!
And Cute scarf!
Sandra Evertson


Storybook Woods and Pink Chalk Studio...two of my favorite blogs! No wonder I like this scarf so well. :-)

Really nice use of colors Clarice.


Well Clarice, I would never have guessed you struggled with it, as the scarf is really beautiful, width and all!
I also love Kathy's work; she's so talented.
Have a great day,


The Feathered Nest

How cute is that! I love how you're always doing & trying things!


Christine Crocker

oh! your scarf is very pretty, Clarice.
I'm sure it's very pretty on you too.

Gumbo Lily

It's truly wonderful, Clarice. It looks silky, is it? Love the polka dot surprise in it.



Please stop by, I have something for you:>).

I can picture Carol Channing whenever I hear Louis.




I love the width of the scarf and the fabric choices make a perfect wrap!

Jill xo

jennifer Paganellli

I love it you try everything..sewing..I didn't know..thanks for entering my raffle and Good Luck


You did a great job! It's beautiful, Clarice! I love it!!!!


It's a lovely, lovely scarf, Clarice! I love the colors and the way you pieced the different fabrics together.

My heart is right there with you as I struggle with patchwork cutting issues, too. No matter how careful I am, I somehow cut pieces off a bit and have to do it all over again until I finally have the right result.


Very cute! I actually like your fabrics better than the original in the pattern! :o) It's a great idea. I think I might have to try this. It would be good for those special pieces of fabric, tiny works of art, that are hard to part with and beg to be used for something special.


It's pretty... I like it very much!
Congratulations on completing your very own scarf!



The scarf came out great. The reason I never sew anymore is because I can't cut or even iron straight and frankly I just can't be bothered to be so detailed.

Guess that's why I cook instead...a dash of this and a pinch of that and no one complains that I didn't follow the recipe to a T.



I think it looks great Clarice!!
I made a quilt once, and it is really hard to cut the squares perfectly straight.
Enjoy wearing it,

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