Happy Birthday Sweetie !!!!!

Remember Your Childhood


I have something fun for all of you. One of my long time, dear friends, Christy is having a giving-away. Christy is a wonderful seamstress. She has such a perfect eye for charming fabrics and style. She has been sewing clothes for many years (my girls wore her wonderful outfits) and has a business "Remember Your Childhood" She now has started an on-line store and is celebrating with a give-away. Christy has a pair of pants and a skirt to give-away. So please leave your name and if you have a preference here on my blog. On Sunday the 13th I will draw a name for each. You can also double your chance to win, if you post on your blog about the give-away I will enter your name twice (Just let me know and feel free to use the image above, if you like) Good luck and feel free to let your friends know. Remember even if you do not have a child I am sure you know someone who does and would be thrilled with one of Remember Your Childhood creation.

PS. I am hoping you enjoy the new music, Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong. Hello Dolly is one of my favorite movies. I loved the clothes and ooh I wanted that hat shop soooo bad. But when Louis Armstrong and Babara Streisand sing together, I always get teary-eyed.


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Desert Lady

Clarice, please enter me in the give-a-way, and thank you for the opportunity! With 16 grandchildren (most of them age 6 and under) and 2 due this year, I'd have fun choosing which little girl to give a skirt to. Your daughter's photo, and her outfit, are delightful. I love your "Rubblework" scarf and the site from which you got the pattern. "Hello, Dolly" is one of my all-time favorites. I SAW Ginger Rogers in the title role at Radio City Music Hall in 1966, and she was terrific. Your blog site is an inspiration to creativity and living beautifully. Desert Lady


I have been reading abour her work on blog sites and finally made my way here. Wow, what fabulous childrens clothing. Would love to win her giveaway:) Rachael


I just posted on my blog about this!


Oh! Do I understand right that we can enter for a skirt AND a pair of those darling reversible pants?

That flowery beigy-pink skirt -just my granddaughter's size ... would love that for her - she wears nothing but skirts and dresses - little Miss Priss!

My other daughter is expecting in June and I would love a pair of those precious pants for her new baby - won't know if she's having a boy or girl for a couple weeks.

Darling clothes!

Kerri  N.

Cute clothes! My first choice is the skirt and second is the pants.

Patti V

I just love the new website and what wonderful clothes! I would love either pants or skirt ;) and just got to love the Louis A!


Hello Dolly was a nice surprise to hear when i came to your blog. i saw the link from Barb's blog and had to come try for a skirt for my 6 year old. she's just getting into skirts which is fun. i will send a link of Chrsity's webstore to all my mama friends. we all like and buy handmade clothes alot!

thanx so much,

Barbara Burkard

oh such sweetness!!! i would love either pant or skirt...! i have two grandchildren a boy and a either would work! and today is maxx's first birthday!!!

best wishes!!!

going to post this on my blog too!



Sweet sweet sweet. Count me in. Thank you.


What a fun giveaway! I posted on my blog, so please enter me twice! Thanks for doing this. I love your blog though I rarely comment. (shame on me!)

Wendy Bond

Hi Clarice,
I would love to be part of the drawing for Christy's sweet kids clothing! I'm glad to know that she has a new website and hope she gets lots more customers! I would love to have the cute little pants. They would be so cute on my little red head!

karla nathan

Oh my goodness, she has the cutest baby clothes ever!! I love the pants, and I think my little fairy baby would be cute in the skirt. I would love either for her. How pretty. I had a nice time perusing the website, and found a pair of shabby chic rose print pants that I adore. So cute. thanks for telling me about her.

I will add the give away info in my next posting for you.


Okay--doubling my chance to win--I added it to my blog!


I'd love to be in the drawing for a pair of the pants!

Mary Issabella

I love Hello dolly. As I have a granddaughter the skirt would be so wonderful. Blessings Mary


Her website is lovely. I really like the clear descriptions, and the fabrics are beautiful. How kind of you to promote your friend's business this way. Oh, pants would be my first choice. Thanks, lisa

The Feathered Nest

I love that movie too! I'm a big Streisand fan - nobody has a voice like hers and she's a good actress. Very cute clothes! I wish her success with her new on-line venture!



Darling clothes..

I adore "Hello Dolly!"

Jill xo


Love the movie and the music too. Linda


darling clothes! I'm in!:) Thanks Clarice

The skirt is very cute, but either is fine!:) Thanks!!



Wow super cute things. I would love to win!


Very cute Clarice. How nice of you to help your friend's new business.
Love your music!

Gumbo Lily

How nice of you to give some extra exposure to your friend's line of clothing here at Storybook Woods. You're so sweet!

Please enter me in your drawing. I have no preference since I know both girl and boy Littles. I like your Hello Dolly music too!



What fun!

Here's one of my favorite little memories. I so admired Shirley Temple that I wanted to be her. My mom got me a Shirley Temple coloring book and whatever Shirley was doing on each page, I emulated. If she was ironing, then I got out my little play ironing board and ironed, too.

There was much about learning right from wrong gained from my parents, but I also learned from Shirley Temple via movies, books, and even that little coloring book. It helped me form the basis of the principles by which I live my life today.


Oh, how fun, Clarice! The skirt would be my first choice. I will blog about this give-away, also! The more the merrier, right?!

Thanks for always have so many fun, pretty ideas to share with us!


sue Thompson

Cute cute Cute!! My daughter would look so adorable in the farm print skirt with the red pom poms. That would be my choice.
Thanks and loved the cute clothes!!
Ps LOVE hello Dolly!! The music just makes me smile.


They look really nice! I would take the skirt as well! Second choice would than be the pants.


I would love to be considered for the 'drawing', so please enter me. Either pants or skirt are fine, although I would probably favor a skirt if I win (grin).

I am on my way to post about this to my blog --- just working on getting the photo to tranfer.

:) LaTeaDah


hi,I checked out the new web site and the clothes are just beautiful. your friend is very talented! I didn,t see that she has a blog, so I'm commenting here, is that okay?

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