My Kind Of Ice-cream Float !!!
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In trying to save money and wanting a more homemade gifts, here is a few things I made for the girls. I use Amy Karol Bend The Rules artsy clutch. These were a bit tricky to make because the fabric was so thin and slippery. I used a very heavy cotton with iron-on facing for the inside fabric, so the silky fabric could just sort of hang around the purse. I added wrist cord to carry them.


These were crystals from Walmart ($1.99) I decoupaged imagines (Ophelia from Shakespeare for Aubern'e and a black capped chickadee, Chloe's favorite bird). Added jewels, broken jewelry, beads for thier Christmas ornaments.


I also made these button rings. So easy, just cut a length of elastic using a whip stitch, sew ends together and sew on buttons. I also made pot holders and embroidered dish towels for my MIL. And I forgot to take pictures of the tote bags I made. The cool one I made for my sister, it is an evening tote bag. She takes to ferry everyday and is single, so I  thought a dressy, evening tote bag would come in handy !!!


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Leigh Ann

I love the crystal ornaments. I am, as always, blown away by your creativity.

Cheers! la


Your gifts are so wonderful, Clarice! I love how you think about what you're doing and come up with such amazing creations.


I love all of your hand made items.

Jill xo


Hi Clarice, I always love my visits you have the great ideas! The ornaments are great and cute button rings. We use to make button bracelets...haven't thought of them for years. They were so found to wear, I'm going have to search mine out. Have a happy day. Linda


you are So cleaver...what lucky girls!


Oh Clarice, I love your creativity...the bags are just lovely, and what a great idea the crystal ornaments for the girls were!



What beautiful gifts you made! I love everything :)



You are always so clever. The crystals are great with the pictures in them. The clutches look so fancy!

Gumbo Lily

I love all the gifts you made, Clarice! You're so creative and thoughtful and that makes for Perfect Gifts!



I wish you and your family a happy happy new year. It was so comforting for me to visit your blog, reading with that wonderfull Louis on the backgronnd. I have always loved him :)


Wow, what wonderful ideas! I really like the way you've used the crystals. I would never have thought of that. Buttons are one of my favorite things. The rings are a great use for them.

Happy Sunday Clarice!

the feathered nest

Hi Clarice, what wonderful gifts you made! The purses are so pretty and the rings are cute! I really liked the decoupaged crystals. I recently saw a chandelier where all the crystals were decopauged - it was beautiful!



Hi Clarice!

I love coming over here to see what new things you've been working on lately. I love the clutch bag ~ especially the green color with the gold! So elegant! It's amazing, also, what you can do with a few bits from Wal-Mart!!

I'm still in sugar envy from that previous post about the ice-cream float! Yummy!

Hope you have many blessings in 2008!!

Blissfully, Bebe :)


Haha! I was wondering what you decided on! What lucky girls to have such a creative Mama. Gill.


I love all the gifts you made! The clutches are so elegant! I'm sure the girls love them! And the ornaments --- very exquisite! And the ring is very stylish --- right up town! Great job, Clarice!

:) LaTeaDah


Leave it to you to take ordinary stuff from Wal-Mart and make it *amazing*! Everything you made looks wonderful, but the ornaments are my favorite : )


So pretty and clever!!
Very nice Clarice.


So very pretty Clarice! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Chris and Laurie

Love the crystals what a great idea. I work at walmart and didn't know we sold crystals like that.

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