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Congratulations Karla you are the winner of a skirt and Jody you are the winner of a pair of pants. I will have Christy e-mail you to get your info. Thank you to all who participated in the give a-way, both Christy and I are so thankful. Ladies I know you will be thrilled with your Remember Your Childhood skirt/pants !!! 


I wanted to share the wonderful gifts my girls made me for Christmas. Aubern'e made me this gorgeous gold crown. I know it was a lot of work but the love the cut edging and the Elizabeth Gordan illustration. Chloe made me this beautiful silhouette ornament. She cut out the silhouette and glued it to the plaque. Thank you girls, you know your mama so well. I am always impressed with your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking xoxoxoxo


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Gumbo Lily

Oh boy! Thanks! I have a new neice and nephew who will love their new trousers! I'll look at the pants to decide which one of them they'll be best suited for.

Your girls DO know you so well, Queen Clarice!




Looks like Auberne & Chloe have inherited some of their Mother's creative dna.

Congratulations Karla and Jody on your lovely winnings!

Enjoy caring and sharing days.

Jill xo


Love the presents that your daughters made they are very creative girls. You are lucky that you all have an interest in common.


Congratulations to your winners, what wonderful bounty they will enjoy! The gifts you received are fantastic--it's such a joy that people share their beautiful creations.

Dee (

So sweet (makes me want to cry) and very creative! They love you so much!


Congrats to the winners!!
Your girls did a wonderful job on the gifts.
What a lot of work they did.
Very nice!

the feathered nest

What creative girls just like their mama! They made you such beautiful presents!


karla nathan

Oh my!! What a wonderful prize to win! Sugarwings will be adorable in that cute skirt!Thanks so much!

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