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Help, I Need A Grocery Budget: part 1

Lavender Antibacterial Spray


One of my goals this year is to focus on teaching the girls to do more themselves. I want them to approach life with a "I can do this myself " attitude, instead of a "I will just buy it". Things are getting so expensive and of course one can not make everything and needs money to live, but I rather have them learn to live with less money. I have lived on both sides of the coin and actually I am happier now, then when I could just buy anything (well almost anything) I want. There is a wonderful feeling in knowing you can do it yourself. So this recipe for lavender antibacterial spray, is something the girls will learn to make themselves.

I will probably be posting some more make-it-yourself recipes. I also plan soon to do a week on how I save grocery money. It may not work for all of you but hopefully you will get an idea or two.

Also did you know the lavender linen spray makes a wonderful room-freshener spray too. I am now freshening my house all the time.

Isn't the towel above charming. Angie made it. She is so good to me, she lets me wander around her house, looking at all her cool old things, taking pictures and feeds me well too xoxoxo

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You could add some alcohol, like vodka, to make the spray last longer, but I am afraid it would burn on cuts and scrapes. I plan on doing some experimenting and will let you know. If you have any feed back, I would love to hear it.


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We use a lavender hand spray that has witch hazel in it--it doesn't burn on cuts, etc.

Although I use Everclear to make my own cologne and it doesn't really sting either...


I can smell it from here....come on over to my blog..I am having TWO giveaways..


Lavender is also good for headaches,just place a small sachet near your pillow,lie back and relax.Keep the grocery ideas coming.


Thanks for another good recipe, Clarice. I use my lavender linen spray all the time!


Pearl Maple

Your wall quilt is beautiful and so is the teaching of your young ladies more about how to do for themeselves. It sure gives us an appreciation of where things come from and the beauty of keeping a home.


Is there any smell better than lavender? I don't think so! I'm going to have to whip some of this up!!!


The redwork towel is lovely.


Oh, I love that image too! I found some old embroidery patterns while rummaging through my mother in law's sewing room and this was one. It's years and years old and I really don't know where to begin to find a copy. The children look very "Kate Greenaway" to me.
Clarice, if I would have known you were going to snap pictures around my house I would have washed and ironed everything! Oh well. Thanks for posting the photo! XOOXXO


I love redwork, and the towel that your friend made is charming.

Thank you for your recipe, and for the nice label.


What excellent things to teach your girls! Thank you for sharing your lavender antibacterial spray. I have a number of easy natural cleaning recipes on my blog that may be good for the girls, too (during the month of September last year, if I recall correctly).


Great recipe Clarice...

Hey, if you use vodka, use 100% proof.
The reason it is used is so that the oil and water mix..very small amount or it will smell of alcohol too much..
Not necessary if using real lavender essential oil though,usually water based.

Jill xo


I love your redwork towel. I clicked on her blog. Do you know if she has the pattern?


Great recipe, I will have to find the ingredients. You never came and picked up your award from week before last ( I think).
You deserve it so come and get it.

PS. When I come to washingon this summer I am going to the lavender fields!!

Gumbo Lily

You are so wise to teach your daughters how to "do-it-yourself" with simple recipes such as this. I like to make some of my own cleaners and sprays like this and I always hope that it might "rub off" on my kids. So far, they're pretty thrifty people!

Looking forward to more good do-it-yourself ideas.



You have such great ideas. It's great to be teaching your girls how to do these things.
I didn't know you could make that yourself.
I want to try it.
Thanks for the recipe. I love lavender scent.
It doesn't matter how much money one has, it's always good to save it where we can.
Thanks for the sweet words on my blog.
Have a great day!

the feathered nest

Thanks - I'll keep this for future use! I'm looking forward to your other make-it yourself recipes. I was going to remind you not to forget the grocery shopping posts. Everytime I come here I think about that! How old are your girls?


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