Merry Christmas
China Centerpiece

A Year of Storybook Woods 2007

Happy New Year !!!!!!

I hope this is year full of blessings and exciting new things. I am very excited to see what the new year brings. Kelli did a wonderful post of the past year of her blog and I thought I would steal her idea (Thank you Kelli xoxo). You post the first line, of the first post of each month last year. I will be back in few more days. We are day late on everything this year, so we will be celebrating the New Year tomorrow. I am making some yummy things and will share. Make sure you kiss everyone, on this first day of 2008 xoxoxoxo


January :

Thank you ladies for all the understanding words and encouragement.



February :

Thank you ladies for all the constructive feedback it is very helpful.



March :

It is the first mild day of March:
Each minute sweeter than before
The redbreast sings from the tall larch
That stands beside our door.



April :

We are starting to have glimpses of spring, in between the raindrops.



May :

We were so inspired by all the May baskets we saw on-line today, Chloe and I decide to make our own.



June :

Hello ladies, you are all so kind and left such encouraging words.




At the risk of sounding like a lush, I am posting another cocktail recipe (at the request of a friend)    :-)




We have moved on from strawberry heaven (I have 70 pounds in my freezer) to raspberry heaven.



September :

Well I had the pleasure of meeting La-Tea-Dah of Gracious Hospitality.




"Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort, of feeling safe with a person;



November :

This is going to be a very lean Christmas for us and I am trying to think of creative gift ideas for the girls.



December :

I have been busy playing and decorating my house.


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What a wonderful idea. I love your first lines. And your table, to die for. So lovely. Happy New Year dear Clarice!!


I loved all your sentences and beautiful pictures from this past year, Clarice! Happy New Year!

Leigh Ann

What a fun post. I might have to try it, too.

Happy, happy New Year, Clarice! I wish you and yours the very best.

Cheers! LA

kari & kijsa

What a great year of memories and blessings. Wanted to wish you a wonderful, prosperous, safe and healthy New Year! Here is to a fabulous 2008!

kari & kijsa


I *love* the idea of this post! And I love even more that my birthday photos are included in your year-in-review : )

Happiest of New Years to you and yours, Clarice!


I love this retrospective of 2007--it's a great idea and every one of the lines is lovely.

I loved looking back with you, Clarice. I noticed that in each month you had such beautiful pictures and along with those beautiful pictures were also beautiful thoughts. That's exactly why I love you:o) Happy New Year!!

Laura at Blame It on Paris

That is so lovely, when you look back at your year-in-review, so many of your posts start with thanks or thoughts of others. How much that shows about you!

Thank YOU, Clarice, for all you share. And best wishes for 2008--I hope your year is full of joy.

Gumbo Lily

That was a fine way to remember the past year. I'm hoping that you will share which ideas you used for your "Lean Christmas." So many super ideas were shared.

Happy New Year to all in your Home.


Happy New Year Clarice! I'm looking forward to another year of your posts!


Happy New Year Clarice!
I hope you and your family are having a lovely New Years Day!!
I love your blog idea today. I can't wait to see what you have been up to.
I'm so glad we have become friends this year.
Hugs to you,

Donna O.

CLEVER post- what a fun idea!!! Have a wonderful New Year, Clarice!


Happy New Year to you all.



What a lovely tribute!
May your blessings continue into 2008 and your cup overflow.


Jill xo


What a wonderful look back at your blogging year! Wishing you much happiness in 2008.
Warmest regards,


Beautiful !!!
Best wishes for a happy new year from a fellow blogger.
Erla i Iceland


What fun Clarice. A great way to reminisce about the year past


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