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Trees, Perfect Trees !!!!

Pink treeeeee

Do ever make something sooo wonderful, you want to call every friend and tell them about it. That is how I feel about these trees. I am soooooo in-love with them. I want to do dozens of them and fill my house. Mama and Jack posted about how to make these trees and am so glad you did Sarah. Thank you xoxoxoxo. They were very easy. Although I have to say I had to use a lot more bleach, like a generous 2 cups and it took a good 40 minutes to get light trees. But what I loved about these trees, is how they were all different. I only used two different colors, hot pink and blue. but each dyed it's own way. They each faded in the dye differently. Some I did not dye but just bleached till I liked the color. I posted lots of pictures so you could have a really god look at them. Also I did not use rite (but plan to for future trees) I did not have any and did not want to spend the money. I had bottles of liquid water-color. They are very intense and mixed that with water and they worked great. But in the long run, probably cost me more money. But I used them because I already had them. I just love the soft, luminous quality of these trees !!!!!!

Pink tree 22 

Pink tree 44





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Robby Regan

They are unreal...now just gotta wait till next year and find some...Thanks for the post and for sharing...Merry Christmas...xxxRobby


I made some of the bleach bottle brush trees on my blog and I got the tutorial from Mama Jack just like you did.
I love your blog, it's my first visit.
Everything is beautiful. :) Bren



Oooh oooh oooh, I am going out tomorrow ISO! Fabulous! You'd think I should be finished decorating by now. Nope. Never! lol. Til January anyway.


Your trees are so beautiful...lovely colors! They look so sweet on the white cake pedestal, too!


I love the trees! The colors are beautiful. Looks so pretty in front of that window. Don't you wish the real ones outside looked like that?!
Merry Christmas!

the feathered nest

I tried this and they only bleached to a lighter green. I thought I used a lot of bleach but I don't know if I used two cups. I'm going to try it again - maybe just straight belach?



I love those little bottle brush trees and the colors you have are perfect. I am going to have to see this tutorial. Thanks for sharing, Clarice!!!!

karla nathan

I definately have to look up these directions, how cool!


Oh Clarice! I just love these!!! Yours turned out so pretty, too...I want to try this. Maybe I can go get a few this next week and give it a go! xxoo, Dawn


Clarice, thank you so much for posting the "how-to's for this project. I adore your trees and must make a batch for myself...I am going tomorrow to purchase the little trees at our Wally World....more on my project later. Dianntha .....
You are so creative!

the feathered nest

I love these! I didn't know you could do that. I'm going to have to try it - yours came out really pretty!



Very gorgeous!!


Gumbo Lily

What is that "pink snow?"

Love it!



They are even better than I imagined!

I can't wait to try this, so pretty.
The colors are so much better than the ones made in China.


Ohhhhhhh! I'll be making these! There so sweet!

If it's not too much trouble, Clarice, could you please email me your addy so I can send your card? My husband threw out the envelope with your return on it! Thanks.

Happy Christmas!


Oh Clarice, those are absolutely gorgeous, wow!! I love how you have them set up too. I have a little green tree set in a teacup in my kitchen but I love your dessert cup idea!


ooohhh, how pretty are these little trees, you did a wondeful job with them....I am beginning to love pink theme decorations more and more!

Priscilla x


ooohhh, how pretty are these little trees, you did a wondeful job with them....I am beginning to love pink theme decorations more and more!

Priscilla x


Those are great trees Clarice!!
I may have to try those sometime.


They are gorgeous and I love all the colors. I did not know you could make your own and I'm so thrilled you included info about that and a link. They would be awesome for the Nutcracker Ballet Theatre vignette I'm making as well as my holiday village. Oh, I can just see them everywhere.


They are fantastic! (I used a lot more bleach too, but I didn't want anyone to injure themselves by being lazy like I am nd just pouring half a bottle of bleach in their sink. LOL)

I just started a Flickr group for them, and I would love it if you would add your photos to the group here:


The Glitter Fairy

Oh Clarice,
Those are wonderful...and much cheaper than the ones I've seen in the stores @ $6.oo each!!! Thanks for the tutorial.
Hope your holidays are going well!
p.s. I am buried over here in glitter...lots of orders yet to fill!

Perfect for your "pink" Christmas! They look like magical fairyland trees to me:o)


These turned out so pretty! I love your cake plate display. Very festive!


Very pretty! I love them!


These turned out wonderful! I love all the light pretty colors. I have lots of green bottle brush trees and they go best with my more traditional decor, but I really like this idea, and the way you've displayed them.

Daisy Bouquet

I think they are so cute!!!!!!!


Those are so cute. I am using your pinecones in my decor. My use of pine cones and pine cone symbols is tying it together, at least I think it is. Hopefully some pictures tomorrow night. Glad your rain ended, very cold here:>(


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