Faux Cookies Ornaments
Saint Nicholas Day




When we were making the faux gingerbread ornaments, Chloe made one were she put a smaller cutout on top of a bigger cutout and painted it black. Well it looked like a silhouette and got me thinking. I made some from fimo and LOVE them. They are very easy.

Also I bought this wonderful pink and black paper with no idea what I was going to do with it (it was only $3.00 and the last piece). I came home took down a picture and taped the paper on the wall, but it looked a bit bare.Then I made these silhouettes and I knew they would be a perfect touch for my pink paper (and pink Christmas)

I took a length of mini rick-rack and glued the silhouettes to the rick-rack. Then just used a push pins to add them to the paper at the top and the bottom. They turned out smashing. One more craft I am going to have to make more of.

What I did :

I rolled out the white fimo on the pasta machine, the widest setting 5. Then I rolled out the black fimo on the next lower setting 4.

I cut out the white fimo with cookies cutters.

To cut the silhouette I had printed up some silhouettes I found on-line(here is a great free site)on card stock and cut them out. I set the cut out silhouette on the black fimo and cut around it. I found a small paring knife worked well.

Then carefully peel off the paper and set silhouette on the white fimo. Do not press down but use the knife to fix areas and then gently press down.

Bake as directed.

I tried painting black paint over the black fimo, also I tried using the shiny top coat. But really I like it plain, just back and white fimo.

I encourage you to play around with these and see what you come up with. 




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jennifer Paganellli

totally amazing clarice love...

Gumbo Lily

I'd call these cameos. I love cameos and this is a neat idea, Clarice! So pretty with the pink background and black ric rac.


karla nathan

Oh, these are so cute! What a great idea, and so well done.

You girls are so clever!!



I like the pink paper background and the rick-rack.
Great crafty workmanship Clarice!

Jill 00


How pretty, Clarice! Your silhouettes are so delicate and elegant! You did a wonderful job!

Sher's Creative Expressions

Wow, very, very creative. I love that paper too. Reminds me of something from "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

the feathered nest

That is so pretty! I LOVE that paper. You are so clever!



This is a fantastic idea and the result is stunning! I also love the creative process in coming up with your creations--that is one of the delicious things about crafting.


Oh wow, these are spectacular.

Applause, applause... you do have the best ideas, Clarice!


This is one of the best ideas I've seen this season Clarice. I've been entralled with working with silhouettes for the last couple of months,and I've noticed a few others have been too. I know everyone will be thrilled with this idea.
Thank you to you and to Chloe for sharing it.


Ohhhh.... YOU are a genius! I absolutely ADORE these and will be making these next year for sure! Thank so much for sharing!


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