Girly Christmas Tea

Saint Nicholas Day


I am so sorry I am behind on posting pictures of my house. I am so busy with having Christmas fun, I have no time to post. The only thing I do not like about Christmas, is trying to cram this much fun and joy in only four weeks !!!!

Last Saturday we celebrated Saint Nicholas Day. The girls left their shoes under the tree and Santa left vintage goodies (I think Santa shops at the Christmas House too, such a smart man ;-) and homemade fudge. My mother came for a tea party (I will show my girly tea table and blinged out deer soon). We made the best cookies, spoon cookies, Lasikkaleivat. But they should really be called browned-butter cookies, because you brown the butter and this is what gives it this deep carmelly taste. Please watch the video, because there is a little trick to shaping the cookies. But these will be made again in our family. Also in my opinion (you know how I have opinions about cooking and recipes) should be made with peach jam, because peach jam will go so well with that browned-butter, carmelly taste.

We also had so much making Feather Your Nest's mittens. Thank you Dawn for the wonderful idea and your inspiring blog. I wish we lived closer and I could bring you some cookies xoxoxoxo


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It's a truly lovely time of year. I'm happy to hear that you're having a lot of fun with it.
I love the mittens and agree that Dawn writes a very inspiring blog. She's creative and very nice too.
I agree about the peach jam being wonderful with the browned butter taste. My mouth is watering! LOL!
Happy weekend to you!


The mittens are adorable and the cookies sound delicious--I'll have to give them a try.

We also celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, a tradition since I first lived in Germany as a child. This year, my shoe held 2 Christmas CDs and some yummy chocolates. My husband's shoe had a jar of imported saffron, his favorite spice, along with some candy treats.


Oh, those are darling little mittens, Clarice! It sounds like you all had a wonderful St. Nicholas Day!


Clarice! They turned out beautiful!!! I know you must have enjoyed making them with your girls ~ I'm so glad that you made some....Wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! xxoo, Dawn



Love those mittens. Snowing here...a lot!!


I am glad that you are having such a fun time. It's great to hear. Love the little mittens. Keep having fun,

the feathered nest

I spent my childhood in Germany and we used to leave our shoes outside.I agree, 4 weeks is a short time to get so much activity crammed in it. That's why I'm always so exhausted by New Year's Eve! The mittens are so cute!


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