A Perfect Day
Trees, Perfect Trees !!!!

Rain, Rain Go away


Hello ladies, well we made it through last night, thank you Lord. I have heard we had up to 12 inches in 24 hours. Our basement does have a mess to clean up but compared to a lot of people we are just fine. This morning the sun is shining and the winds have calmed down. I am not sure if we will go anywhere today. All around us are flooded roads. Thank you for the kind words and prayers.I will try to post something much more interesting to you soon.  xoxoxox

Yes, it is me again. Just a quick post. My town/county has called a state of emergency due to flooding from rain. So if for some reason I am not around that is why. So far we are fine. My basement is flooding a little. I will have a mess to clean and have to throw out some stuff but I do not think it will be bad. It is odd we have had much heavier rains before and it is lightly raining all the time but never had to call a state of emergency before. Well not that I can remember. I just wanted to let you know, if I am not here. I am so glad you like my storybook cottage and think my blog has the perfect name. I will always remember the first time I drove up my curvy little drive and saw the house. My jaw dropped and it was love. xoxoxox


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I'm glad you are safe, Clarice!


the feathered nest

Goodness! When we lived in NJ we had our basement flood after about 3 ft of snow melted. The water was up to our knees! We had to use several pumps to get the water out. I hope your clean up won't be terrible and that all your "treasures" are safe.

I got your lovely Christmas card yesterday! Yours is in the mail too.

Take care,




Sorry to hear of the flooding in your basement. Praying for some dry weather for y'all Pacific Northwesters!



I'm so sorry to hear that your basement flooded, Clarice. That's terrible. I hope that the cleanup isn't not too awful. Things remained dry here, but I have to admit there were times yesterday, especially after hearing of mudslides in places that almost never slide, that the hill behind me looked a bit menacing. It was definitely a bit mess, wasn't it?

Rebecca called me in the morning telling me that if I didn't have to go out to stay at home. She said that there was so much water around that it was even "geysering" up from clogged storm drains.

So glad to see the sun today!!


Be careful, and send some rain our way.


So glad to hear that you are ok. I've had you and yours in my thoughts. This has been quite the event, hasn't it? I'd run on over and help you with your flooded basement if I could, but it's probably best to stay closer to home for a couple of days.
Take care, Clarice. I wish you could spend your day baking and decorating. :>(


Clarice, I hope the sun comes out soon and chases the rain away!
Thank you for the lovely Christmas card :)



I have been wondering about you and yours....we were spared thus far....and thank you for the beautiful Christmas card..yours was the first...and I am starting to mail a batch today....stay dry...
Will pray for your house and family, Clarice.



I am so sorry Clarice.
I will keep you in my prayers.

Jill xo


Clarice, please take care during this challenging time. I hope the rains recede soon and not too much damage occurs for you or anyone else. I shall definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Clarice, please take care during this challenging time. I hope the rains receded soon and not too much damage occurs for you or anyone else. I shall definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


O my, I do hope you will all be safe. Your cottage is so enchanting tucked up in the snowy trees...like a dream. I can barely make out the different trim colors, but I do like the peach trim, why are you changing the color? You are so very blessed...I think your perfect day sounds perfect!

Daisy Bouquet

Please stay safe and warm. I will pray for you. Mary


Hope any "treasures" you store in the basement are safe. Make some Hot chocolate and cuddle together around a nice fire, maybe read some of your favorite books. Mmmm....cozy.

PS. The card is still on the coffee table to be mailed out.


Clarice, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep warm and dry. (((hugs)))

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