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I know there is no pink in my kitchen, well except for my pink kitchen. I used everything I had elsewhere and I thought I would use the blue and then added red. Actually I really love it. I did up my Hoosier. I am so thrilled to have a Hoosier to do up. Thank you and you know who you are xoxoxo



Okay I was bad, I treated myself to this sign (It was only $9.00). By the way I am doing good on my Christmas budget. I am finding it is all the extras I want, that get me into trouble ;-) But I just had to have this metal sign, since I can not actually have the house.


Sigh I am very frustrated, no matter how many pictures I take of my kitchen (over 50) I really can not get  a good picture of it. It is a hard room to photograph. Not to mention, I am not a photographer and do not know what the heck I am doing.


This window is my favorite thing I did in the kitchen. I LOVE the blue pom-pom trim with the red rick-rack ribbon over it. I am planing on keeping it up after Christmas. I already have the blue glasses in the windows and added candy canes, which is a cheap way to decorate.


I included a few shots so you could see my kitchen from different angles. Please try not to noticed the mess behind the Hoosier. I can not want till I can put my hubby and his desk in some hidden room, somewhere !!!


I always do a small tree on my scale. This year it has our faux gingerbread ornament. I will be posting more pictures of my house soon. And the village Gill xoxoxox


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Oh my gosh! How could I have been reading your blog this long & only now just seen this GORGEOUS kitchen! Its out of a 1950s dream! You are a lucky girl.


I love love love your kitchen ! Im new to blogging and have found myself wondering around blog world today! I came across yours and Im glad I did !! You have great ideas and recipe, too!
Thanks for sharing , Happy New Year


Oh, your kitchen is so inviting...can I invite myself over and we could have some tea (I'll bring it...I have some new earl grey with lavender, that I'd love to share!)

thanks for the peak

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*come on over and meet us!


I'm late to commenting on this one, but I just had to say how much I really loved your kitchen this year, Clarice. The whole house is lovely this year, as it is every year, but that red and aqua thing going on in the kitchen was particularly fetching.

I *so* have to get me one of those signs!


Oh! Love your kitchen and your Hoosier and every single thing--really! Thanks so much for sharing... I know how hard it can be to take good pictures, what with trying to get the lighting just right so that we will see it just the way you see it. I go through that all the time. :) Blessings, Debra

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Hoosier love! We have one too, and I would remodel a kitchen around it before I would give it up. Just love the way you decorated the kitchen. It is the one room that I did not decorate, but now I am inspired. Have a wonderful Christmas. Susan


Stumbled upon your blog and instantly entranced. I really love your kitchen, they certainly don't make things with charm like that anymore.

The glitter deer is a great idea!

Be back often!


I lurve your kitchen! It rocks. Especially the tree on the scale!


I love that hoosier and you made it look so nice! It's like walking into Olivia Walton's kitchen, so homey feeling:-)


Clarice, you are so very clever!! I think the pictures of your kitchen are just so wonderful... and you are the smartest for thinking of such nice ways to decorate on a budget!


Great kitchen, Clarice!!! As you know, I'm a big Hoosier cabinet fan, too.

Here's a tip for your photographs:
I don't use a flash...EVER! (It washes everything out.) Turn off your flash and try holding your camera really, really still (or use a tripod). Let me know if that helps!


I think the pictures of your kitchen look great, but I know what you mean.
Since you are so Christmassy, I tagged you with a Christmas tag. Check my blog.


I love everything about it! Especially the tree on the scale. I know that is an idea I will use one day.
Your home looks full of old fashioned character, and your decorating is creative, and lovely.
I've enjoyed the tour. Thank you!


I can so completely relate on the picture taking, although your pictures always look great.
I secretly have this longing and always have had to have the talent for taking good pictures. Unfortunately it's one of those things that no matter how much I practice, I still don't seem to get better.

I absolutely love the window! It looks magicically Christmas, like the book "Twas The Night Before Christmas". I would imagine the real life shot back then would look something like the beautiful window shot.

I too did some candy cane embellishing this Christmas, I'll try to post on blog later.

I hope the girls are enjoying the magic of Christmas, and taking in all the special memories their wonderful Mom is creating.


Jill xo

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Wow! I love that window! So cute!

Clarice, your kitchen is absolutely charming! I love the Hoosier and I was wondering something. On one of the doors there appears to be something rather old on it. I tried to enlarge the pic to see but I couldn't make it out. Is it by chance an old recipe? It looks like an old treasure of some kind! Just curious! I'm so glad you got the ornament~ no, I haven't received your card yet but will eagerly await it's arrival:o) Big hugs, Susan P.

the feathered nest

Your kitchen is big and how high are your walls! Your cabinets look like they go on forever! Love the Hoosier (I have that yellow mixing bowl too). The pom pom fringe with the rick rack is soo cute I'd keep it up too!



Look at that pink table! Love it.

I've been putting off taking any pictures of Christmas trees because it is just so darn hard to do. LOL

Sher's Creative Expressions

Clarice, your kitchen is awesome. You have some of the tallest/highest cupboards I have ever seen. You must need a 12' ladder to get to the top cupboards LOL.

. . . very warm and cozy.




Clarice, I love, love, love your kitchen! You have added so many sweet touches, the hoosier is beautiful and I love your kitchen Christmas tree!

Daisy Bouquet

Everything is so beautiful. mary


Your kitchen looks amazing--full of beauty, happiness, and love. And that combination of ingredients is the best "recipe" for making a home.


I love your kitchen, especially the really tall original cabinets. I too had a hoosier at one point, but I couldn't fit it in this house. I actually still have the top down in the basement. I keep thinking that I will do something with it, someday. Well, I will, know how that goes, right?


This is so beautiful!

I had a hoosier in my very 1st apartment as well as a 1940's sink.
I rented it from my parents. When they sold the house they sold the hoosier with it.
I can't believe that! I'd have taken it to love:)

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