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Faux Cookies Ornaments


I saw the wonderful creaturecomforts tutorial faux cookie ornaments and gift topper. I just loved them and we had soooo much fun doing them. Although ours did not turn out as yummy and wonderful as Heather's. Thank you Heather. A couple of things I learned. First we rolled out the fimo with a pasta roller and this was great. I highly recommend it. But I bought white fimo clay and it took like five coats of paint just for the base coat. Next time I am going to buy brown and beige fimo. Also this craft lead to another wonderful one, soon to be posted !!!!


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Daisy Bouquet

Oh what fun that must have bee. Blessings Mary

the feathered nest

Those are so cute!


Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

We are a little gnome crazy in our house! It was one of my 25 year old daughters favorite shows and I am going to look for a gnome cookie cutter! Love the ornies. Susan


Ah Clarice,

How I envy you being blessed with your girls and having fun "crafting times".



I heart the gnome!! He is a cutie... great job Clarice!!


Clarice, the ornaments you and the girls made are beautiful! I wish I had fun to sit down to a craft right now ---- or to bake a treat. It's been a busy day and every things been slowed down by roads that are sheer ice!!!

I look forward to the 'other craft' that this one led to. Will check back soon!!!



Hi Clarice,
It's Bebe (Southern~Gardener from the Vic board). I've had you in my faves for awhile, but was unsure how to leave a comment. I hope I've figured it out this time!
I love your site ~ so many pretty things, ideas, recipes, decorating....just my kind of bliss to read your posts!! Will stop by often to see what other goodies you've made and found!
Hugs, Bebe :)


They turned out really cute Clarice.
You are very crafty!!


What a great project--I think they are perfectly adorable and such a fun thing to do as a family. Every time you hang the ornaments, you'll have sweet memories of your time making them.


Oh... these turned out so wonderfully! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the project with your girls. They are sure to treasure them for a lifetime!

May you and yours have a holiday filled with all things merry and bright!

Ez aka Heather


I can just imagine all the fun you and your girls had making these Clarice. They turned out charming. I love how you've displayed your little kitchen tree on the old scale. That's a very wonderful bit of inspiration too!

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