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 Pink entrance 101

Thank you for the sweet comments about my kitchen. I have to tell you the first time I saw this house, my jaw hit the ground! It was love, pure love!!! Here is my entrance right of the kitchen. What I love most about this room (which I did not take a picture of) is the cobbled floor. I will confess that I do not do much decorating outside, I do not have the energy :-) My decorating consisted of two pink picks shoved in a pot by my front door. A peek of pink.

Pink entrance 202

Pink entrance 303

Pink entrance 4

This is my tribute to Sarah Lugg!!

Pink entrance 606

Pink entrance 5

I have decided one should always keep their dirty work gloves on a glass cake plate. I hope today is lovely day for you and not to crazy. If it is make a cup of coco, find a pretty spot in your home to enjoy and pretend you and me are having together.  Because I wish we were xox

Pink entrance 707


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You create the most charming spaces Clarice! I love all your special touches; it would be so fun to visit, have some tea, and chat :)



You create the most charming spaces Clarice! I love all your special touches; it would be so fun to visit, have some tea, and chat :)



I think everything looks so pretty, and I love what you've done with the old berry box. It does remind me of a Sarah Lugg collage.
My favorite touch is that beautiful old plate hanging in the window. The picture on it reminds me of your lovely Storybook Cottage.

karla nathan

I love your kitchen too! I can just see you at the old pink table making things with your daughter!

Gumbo Lily

Sweet! I love the fresh greens and especially, the work gloves on a glass cake plate. Now that' a special touch! I'll have to remember that one.

I had coffee in my rocker, staring at my Christmas tree and dreaming about Christmases past.



It is absolutely perfect. I love the old tool box. What a fabulous idea for decorating. It looks straight out of a country living magazine. You should be proud. Thank you for sharing! xo


Hi Clarice,
I love the berry baskets filled with goodies.
Everything looks beautiful.

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Oh, Clarice, I love this!!! The work gloves on the cake plate struck a melancholoy note for me. My husband's late grandmother (we lost her in June) kept her garden gloves in a vintage piece of Roseville pottery, which was quite valuable. She was mortified when it was pointed out to her! Just last Christmas she blessed me by giving that piece of pottery to me for Christmas to add to my collection (inherited from my mom). Perhaps she had the right idea all along!

the feathered nest

Clarice, love the hanging plate and all your little touches. I'd like to see the floor too!

I'm taking a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays with my family so I'll be back to blogging after Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family!



Love your little touches! Snowing here...again, just a bit to freshen up the dirty snow. Will it never end?




What a great decorating idea with the berry boxes.

Cobbled Floor, oh you must take a picture of the flooring. I want to see it.

Your house is truly "storybook woods"



Jill xo

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