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Christmas Quote


"Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest festival of the year.

And yet, for that, when it speaks, it's voice has authority"

       By W.  J. Camron



This garland is soooooooo easy to make. Just go through your ribbon drawer and pick out some ribbon. Wrap a piece of tape around the ribbons, were the shortest one ends. Then tape or tack to wall and add some vintage holly. I used six different ribbons.

I love this quote. It says it all, to me xoxoxoxoxo


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I just can't get over how wonderful your home looks...

Gumbo Lily

It looks like Teacher has turned her children out for Christmas break! Yay!



I love how you even have your chalkboard decorated. Just lovely! And I love, love, LOVE the tea party below! Beautiful!


Lovely sentiments!

Jill 00


The quote is lovely and so nice to read and consider right now. And the garland is such a cute and fun idea!


I love your chalkboard. As for the quote, perfect. Garland, beautiful. Happy Christmas!


I love garland and this is a fun idea. Great quote, and your right it does sy it all. Linda


I love garland and this is a fun idea. Great quote and your right it does say it all. Linda


I love that quote!
The music is also a treat! Merry Christmas!

karla nathan

The garland is a cute one, and such a fun idea. I also enjoyed your bottle brush tree idea and made them up today and posted about it. Thanks!

Pearl Maple

What a lovely quote about Christmas. As always lots of fun creative things to look at in your blog space. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration.

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