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Well I am sooo busy glittering, decorating, trying not to buy stuff ;-) I can not think strait, so I am doing a vintage post. I have noticed on my stats several boards have been talking about my figgy pudding box tutorial, so I thought a reminder of this post might be appreciated by all. I can not say enough about German Plaza. Their prices are wonderful, they are east to deal with and fast. I did notice on one board talking about the boxes and wondering were I get the poppers. I get bags of 12 of them at my local dollar store. They are so cheap and a fun thing to do on Christmas. Also the figgy puddings are not balls I cut open but rather boxes that already open. I hope that answers question about the figgy pudding boxes.

Thank you for the kind words about my couch. I still am not thrilled with it, but you lades were so sweet to let me kvetch. You also asked about the chinaand who made it. I looked on the back, most pieces just say Japan. But some say royal vista by 4cagco Japan, also westwood Japan. I hope that helps. I hope you are have a wonderful time decorating for Christmas.

PS. here is a sofa I would rather have !!!!



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I'm loving your Figgy Pudding Boxes--they are glorious!

Leigh Ann

I loved those figgy puddings last year. Thanks for reminding us.

That sofa is dreamy.

Cheers! LA

Thanks for all of your amazing and creative ideas, Clarice. I wish I could see your house "decked" out in all it's glory!


Thanks so much for your inspiring post. Thanks also for the link to the German Plaza. I loved their site and am glad to have been led to it. By the way, I bought a couch with similar lines as your dream couch, in an antique store several years ago, for very little money. You never know what you will find in the secondhand market. Thanks again for your wonderful blog.



I got your Christmas card today and it is my first holiday card of the season. Yours is going out tomorrow. I always wondered about Aubern'e's name and now I realize you just don't have a french keyboard with an accent grave ( which also needs an accent I believe).

Thanks again for suggesting the card swap.


Those boxes are adorable Clarice.
You did a wonderful job!
Thanks for all of the good tips.

Ram in the Thicket

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Dear Clarice,
I hope you will show us how you decorate your china cabinet this year. My cabinet is a mess now, having had several extra things squeezed in after it was already full. I am determined to empty it and fill it with Christmas things; then in January I will deal with what should really be in there! Now I should be preparing for Advent...but it is dark and snowy outside and I am enjoying your song too much to stir ;) Gill.

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