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Snowflake Tags

 Snowflake tag0
I have been making snowflake tags for my packages. I am trying to use what I have and not buy. They turned out really well. I call them snowflakes because each one is a bit imperfect (thanks to my cutting and painting dot skills) and each snowflake is different.
Plus I am not going to let the fact that I can not cut perfect circles slow me down ;-)

What you need :


different sized cup, to make different sized circles

edged scissors, I used Victorian

fine tipped paintbrush

paint and/or glue and glitter

Lightly trace circles on card stock and cut out circles using edged scissors.



Using the scalloped edge as a guide, make dots of paint or glue, then glitter.


Doing tiny dots is easy. I just learn to let the brush slowly drop down of the paper (while I am holding it ;-) instead of pushing it down on the paper. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you make any !!!!



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I love this idea too Clarice, and I hope you don't mind that I adapted it! We used a saucer instead of a cup and computer paper. The resulting snowflakes were perfect tied down as lid covers for the jams and chutneys I made for our church Christmas bazaar. The jars looked so sweet with the patterned edging and glittery dots. It was way cheaper than cutting up two yards of holiday fabric and the children could contribute their labour to our donation as well. Thank you! Gill.


What a lovely Idea. I love that you used a tea cup inverted for your circle. I hope you had a cup as you made them.I have a cup of Peppermint beside me now .

the feathered nest

Those are adorable! What a clever idea!



These are so sweet, thank you for sharing. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea:). Linda

Jennifer Grey

These are totally if only I had the time..

By the way, please visit my blog..I'm having a Holiday Decorating Contest on my website!



These are so the idea...probably will copy it...thanks for sharing with us..that is part of what I love about bloggers.


I've just read your comment on T-Cozy blog - and just wanted to send you greetings from Poland! Have a nice day!


So creative! I love this idea.


Clarice, thank you so much for your very inspiring post re:tags.
I think this may be a *Very Homemade Christmas* for us and you have the perfect finishing touch - lovely tags for homemade gifts!

Gumbo Lily

Cute! And so individual!


Very, very pretty! Thank you for sharing this; I always like to make homemade tags for my Christmas gifts.


Love your snowflake tags Clarice!! They are so pretty and dainty! Hope your enjoying your Autumn days!!


Love your tags Clarice. The homemade ones are always the best!!
Thanks for sharing,

Daisy Bouquet

Those are amazing snow flake tags. Mary


Making tags for my packages is one of my favorite things to do. Yours are lovely Clarice. Thank you for sharing.



Love the tags! Very much Holiday inspirational.
I'm placing this idea in my archives for when I get time to make them.

Jill 00

Sher's Creative Expressions

I love homemade things like this. They make the gift all the more special. Thanks for sharing.




Clarice, they are so charming and sweet! Each snowflake is different so these are perfect!



I love your tags and I really appreciate your sharing how you make them. Ideas like this are so wonderful!


They may not be "perfect" but they are very stylish. I like this because it is easy to do.


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