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Well I have some new goodies to show you. David and I are not giving each other gifts (although I am sure someone will leave him some gourmet beer under the tree) but I did get to some goodies at the Christmas House inlew of a present. I love the wool pear, of course anything french, old ironstone and that whole set of dishes was only $5.00. I have to say they do not look like much on the table there, but in my kitchen queen, they look very charming and gingerbready.

Also my father bought me a couch. We were in desperate need of a couch. The one we got 7 years ago was an old hand me down recovered in wonderful fabric. But is had gotten so saggy Chloe was the only one who could sit in it. Now I do not love my couch. I had only 5 days to find something and I am very limited were I live. Plus everything I loved was like 3-5 thousand dollars. Anything under $1000 all looks the same. It made me crazy. I go in a  furniture store with hundreds of couches and they were all the same, big and pillow back. Well I decide to just look for something basic with good lines. One day I will get my curvy, vintage, tucked back couch I want. Some day. I hope I do not sound ungrateful, because I really am. We never could have bought a new couch and it was very kind of my father. It was just very frustrating.


Also I want to thank Manuela and Janet for my friendly blog award. I do hope my blog is friendly. I know both of yours are and you are both such dolls. I know I am suppose to pass this on to others  but I always agonize over giving awards. I want to give them to all of you, so that is what I am doing. You readers are so dear to me. that you would take time out of your day to come to my blog means everything to me. I never take that for granted, thank you xoxoxox


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Gumbo Lily

What wonderful "finds" you have there! The cake plate I especially like! I think your couch will be very nice to "dress up" in the Clarice-way. I have a friend who had a rather ugly couch (not new and nice like yours) and she put a beautiful lacy crocheted throw over it and it looked AMAZING! You'll be able to lots with your new, firm seating!



I love all your goodies! What an eye! And that coach, I could definitely curl up there with a good book. My sofa needs recovering desperately. I even found the right fabric at a junk store! Now, just having it done. Actually, it doesn't look too shabby, hehe.

the feathered nest

Clarice, I like the couch, you can do alot with that one! Love those dishes. They are so cute! You don't say who they are by. What a bargain they were - love that!



Clarice, if anyone deserves a friendly award, it should be you! You are always so kind to visit and leave the sweetest comments, thank you for that my dear and I love your new furniture. Perfect to pick a solid and then you can always change the surrounding fabrics to your mood! xxoo, Dawn

Daisy Bouquet

What wonderful finds and a beautiful couch. mary


Congrats on your award and your new couch!!
I love your new little treasures.
I have that sparkly Eiffel Tower too.
Enjoy everything,


Clarice, those yummy dishes do look just like frosted gingerbread! Great for the holidays...


The couch is beautiful! I love the color and the scale is right for your lovely living room. You will be able to do so much with it to change the decor with the seasons.

And I LOVE the French dishes! I wish I had time to come visit the Christmas House with you!!!!! I will think of it all day. . .and wish!




You find the best things and some great deals!
Love the dishes!
I relate completely on furniture shopping, I hate going to a huge mall type furniture store, like you said they all look the same.
Great choice!!
I love new furniture!
Jill 00


Clarice, all your finds are wonderful ~ I would have picked up the same items :) And what a bargain!!
I think you made a good choice on the sofa, and I know whatever you do with it, it will look lovely.
Congratulations on your well deserved award.



Those are the prettiest dishes! I love old English china and I LOVE a good deal and THAT was one!
Now the couch...I like it. The color is good and with pillows you'll reflect your personality. Let's face it, our folks and grandparents weren't spenders and their homes were made up of collected pieces. That look now is called 'cottage' and so many of us have decorated our homes in that fashion. Get some vintage floral fabric and you're in business.
Your Dad is a great guy! Now we know where you got your generous spirit.

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Great finds!! Maybe *next* year I'll travel over to the Christmas House and check it out. I love your new header.


I continue to be in awe of the bargains all my blogger friends find. Just doesn't happen here; we frugal yankees hold on to our stuff and when someone does let something go they assume it is an "antique" and want lots of $$ for it.

I love that ironstone compote with the oak leaves. The couch looks very nice and I bet you will cozy it up with pillows and a throw in no time!!



I love your new header, and all your photos. Your couch looks lovely. Your music really inspired me to begin the joy of decorating for Christmas. Blessings, Karen

kimberly sherrod

Clarice-I love the china- is that Johnson Brothers? That's totally me! I collect that and Desert Rose by Franciscan. Your couch looks lovely and comphy cozy too! Happy Holidays! (it ain't even Dec yet! I am full of Christmas Cooties! Love you- and thank you for being one of my blog buddies. :) calamity

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