Guest post by Chloe
Pumpkin Tiramisu

Happy Thanksgiving


Glimpses of my house at Thanksgiving : The dessert table





Family and pumpkin Triamsu

(if it is yummy, I will post the recipe)



                            Vintage paper turkeys





Wine marinated turkey 


                             Chocolate pecan pie made by Aubern'e

I wish each of you a blessed, happy Thanksgiving. I pray you have much to be thankful for, I know I do. I will see you next week. I will be busy this weekend taking everything down, so I can start my pink decorating. xoxoxoxo


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Your house looks so festive...sounds like your meal was a real success.

kari & kijsa

Yummy!! Everything looks fabulously yummy! Can't wait to see your Christmas entertaining!!

kari & kijsa


Everything looks so delicious. I love the handcrafted name cards too. Nice pictures.


Everything looks so delicious! Yummy! Did the tiramisu turn out like you wanted?

:) LaTeaDah


Dear Clarice,
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. It sure looked good in the photos!
Please tell your daughter that when she outgrows her doll house, I would like to play with it! Do you know, I asked my husband for a doll house for Christmas. LOL
God bless,


Oh yummy yum yum. Pumpkin tiramisu!! Oh my. I first thought it was banana pudding. But pumkin, yum!! And wine marinated turkey! You go girl!! xoxo


Awesomely beautiful.
Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Gumbo Lily

Looks like it was spectacular, Clarice!



Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thanks for sharing,


Prettty decorations and the desserts look so yummy. Linda


Hi Clarice,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving........I love the little place setting cards, and what a lovely selection of food, I look forward to the recipe!

Priscilla x

Pearl Maple

Happy Thanksgiving
Your menu selection sounds yummy. Hope you and the family have a lovely time together.

The dolls house very cute.

Daisy Bouquet

I love I really love your banner. Mary


Everything looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing it all ;o)


We brine our you just add wine to the brine or instead of the brine?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

(I'm so old, I remember my mother buying those vintage turkeys new...)

Leigh Ann

What a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!

Cheers! LA

tongue in cheek

I loved your three kernel tradition!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sacred Suzie

Pumpkin tiramisu?! Oh man, now I've seen everything. It's just amazing what you can do with pumpkins. I made my first pumpkin pie from scratch last year and couldn't believe how good it was, what a difference it makes to make it yourself. That chocolate pecan pie looks scrumptous as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sher's Creative Expressions

Clarice, everything looks wonderful. A Happy Thanksgiving. . . from my family. . . to yours!!




what a lovely lovely Thanksgiving dinner & pretties you have put together.
May all your family be together with smiling faces all around the table.
blessings to you, dear Clarice


Everything looks fabulous, Clarice! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, dear Clarice. It looks so happy and cozy here. xoC


Everything looks beautiful and delicious. I love the place cards ~ so pretty ~ and your beautiful cake pedestal!
Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving Clarice.



Thanksgiving Greetings from Gill. PS Whatever do you use to marinate a turkey in?! I must try it next time as mydh always says turkey is too dry.

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