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Happy Thanksgiving

Guest post by Chloe



Hello my mother said I could share my doll house with you. I have been busy decorating it for Thanksgiving. I made leaf garlands and leaf covered roof for my house.

Picture102_2 Picture103

I decorated the mantel with autumn leaves and made a pie and vegetables for the kitchen.


You can not see it very well in the picture but I also make a stuffed turkey for dinner.

Picture104 Picture105

I made a leaf rug and of-course I have my guitar to practice on when I am not cooking. Thank you for letting me share and Happy Thanksgiving, Chloe.


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I just love your dollhouse! I shared it with my daughter who also has a dollhouse, and we enjoyed all the pictures. She got some good ideas and a lot of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Ellen

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could shrink down and take a walk through our dollhouses? Lovely blog. I'll be back soon to visit again.

tongue in cheek

What a darling little house, festive and cheerful.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Did I see the pumpkin pies in the dollhouse oven?


Happy Thanksgiving to you, Clarice, and to your wonderful family! Please pass my regards on to them all. Enjoy your holiday with richest blessings and an abundant year ahead!

I've been blessed by the inspiring, creative, and talented YOU!



Warm wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!!


Oh how I love dollhouses! Thank you for sharing such charming pictures!!!


How beautiful! I love all the detail you've put into making this little house so homey! You are so much like your mom!

karla nathan

Chloe, that is a wonderful doll house. My favorite is the leaf rug, what a great idea.

I hope your family has a lovely holiday tomorrow!

Gumbo Lily

I'm so glad you posted about your doll house. It's charming. I can't wait to see what you do with it for Christmas.


Lady Laurie

Dear Chloe,
I love your doll house! I had one many years ago and I so enjoyed it...
I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!


What a lovley house Chloe! You did a amazing job on the decorations, the turkey looks tasty! So much detail has gone into the decor, very creative........

Priscilla x


Your dollhouse looks so amazing. I love your decorations! Will you be decorating it for Christmas too?
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Chloe, you've done an amazing job! My favorite thing is the leaf rug ~ how clever. My daughter and I decorated a dollhouse several years ago, and I had the best time with it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


I'm amazed at all the furniture you have and all the little dolls. You'll have to show me tomorrow. The turkey looks really good and all the other little touches you made. You'll have to write a story about your doll house family and their Thanksgiving. Love you, Grandma

the feathered nest

Oh how darling! I've often wanted a dollhouse but just don't know where I would put it. But I think it would just be so fun! Your's looks just wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving, Chloe! Thanks for sharing : ) My favorites are the leaf rug, the stuffed turkey and--of course--that rockin' guitar!!!


What a great dollhouse! You've all done a fine job with that.
Please let Mom know that I stopped in to wish ALL of you a Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy the day!


I wish I was a wee little one so that I could enter your adorable cozy "Home Sweet Home" doll house, and lye in that little bed!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Blessed are we to have such a friend named Clarice!!

Jill xo


What a fabulous house! You have learned lots of decorating and craft ideas from your mom. You two must have tons of fun together.
God Bless your holidays!


Hi Chloe. I love your dollhouse.You did an amazing job decorating it. I think those dolls will have a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you do too.

Bobbie Duran

I love doll houses and you are so lucky to have one. I told my husband that one day I am going do buy one. Thank you for sharing.


Chloe, sweetie ~ what a beautiful dolls' house you have! You are a very clever young lady ~ your Mum's artistic touches have obviously been passed on to her daughters, too LOL
I wish you lived near me, then you could give me advice and encouragement on my own dolls' house.....which is still waiting to be built ~ she says, blushing furiously!!!
Do please say "hello" and give my love to your Mum for me, poppet.


Chloe, dear --- your doll house is simply beautiful! You have not forgotten a detail. It's so nicely done. I love the way you have used colorful leaves throughout each room, carrying the theme of autumn to every corner. And the food you made --- looks so real! Very nice! I look forward to seeing your Christmas decorations as well. I'm so glad your mom allowed you to guest post today. I hope you are back again --- you did an excellent job!

Here's a hug for you! ((((Chloe))))



How clever of you to make such a fine dollhouse. My daughters want one like yours! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Chloe. Blessings, Rose


Chloe, your dollhouse is just beautiful! I know the family that lives there will have a wonderful Thanksgiving because of all the loving touches you have given their home!

Clarice, wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!



You have your Mother's talent for making the house look special. Happy Thanksgiving to your family.




Your doll house looks amazing! Good work.

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