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Glittered Buckle


Last year I saw the sweetest glittered buckle for packages. It had slits in them and you ran the ribbon through them and wrapped them around a package. Well they wanted $8.00 for one buckle. I was determined to make my own. I came up with a template (below) and here is what I did.

1. I printed up the pattern below. I used a 3x4 inch setting. But you could do any size. I traced that onto a piece of card stock that I can always keep as my template. I traced the pattern onto card stock and cut them out.


2. Then I covered the card stock with glue and then glitter. I like to use a glue stick when I have to cover a large flat surface to cover. Shake off excess glitter and let dry. I do not cut the slits till I use them and know what ribbon I want to use. With an exacto knife I make slits a bit wider then the ribbon I am using. Then slide the ribbon through the slits. You can use the buckle going either way. It make a lovely replacement for a bow. 


Glitter hint: no matter how careful I am I still get glitter all over my table. When I am cleaning up, I get a damp paper towel and wipe down the surfaces. It seem that the glitter sick to the damp towel great. Then I just throw the towel away.



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Jennifer Paganellli

oh my goodness way to sorry and what a beautiful place to visit, the music, the recipies, the projects you are the best, Love, Jennifer


Thanks for sharing this idea- I love it.

pearl maple

How creative of you to design your own beautiful buckle and kind of you to share. There are an amazing number of cute things for us to spend our money on but hand made with love is always much nicer.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us.


Oh my, you're tree will look so pretty with everything sparkling underneath it, like that. I can just imagine all how they will look when all your twinkling lights shine on them. Lovely idea, Clarice!


Ooh..those are so pretty, Clarice! What a fun project for gift wrapping, I love it!



So clever and beautiful! I love to find ways to make things at home ~ it's much more fun and easier on the budget :)
Thanks for another great holiday idea.



Clarice! These are so beautiful!! What a wonderful idea, I can see using these in several different projects, too....I have that same cutting mat! Thank you for sharing your ideas and for visiting me ~ you always say the nicest things! xxoo, Dawn

Junie Moon

Your fabulousness never ends--I love seeing what new ideas you have to share each day. Thank you so much for the guidance on this lovely project.

The Glitter Fairy

Nice glitter project, Clarice! What a great idea. As for controlling the glitter might also try working over a large sheet of paper, then you can pour the glitter back into the container and sweep off the paper and save the paper for the next glittering extravaganza! A damp towel works well for the final cleanup...but as you know, glitter has a life of its own and NEVER goes away entirely!
Hope all is well in your world. Have been a blogging deadbeat lately...lots of work...this is my busy period 'til Christmas.


Very clever you are Clarice!!
$8 is crazy!
Your packages will be beautiful.


Very sweet idea --- and a beautiful template. Thank you!


Very cute! I love glitter.

Susan P.

That is such a unique idea ~ I've never seen anything like it. I bet it cost you a LOT less than 8.00 each, plus you have the satisfaction that you did it yourself!!


This is quite clever. (Now if I would only bother to wrap the

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