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Christmas ideas


Wow everyone thank you for all the wonderful thrifty, creative (long list) of ideas. You have my brain going and that was just what I needed. I will share what I did end up doing, but it will have to be after Christmas, since my girls read my blog :-} Here are some wonderful ideas to help get you going. I will be posting some fun and easy snowflake tags I have been making. Stay tuned.

Free Elf Stitchette Patterns

Oh my I want to do the boy in blue and the girl in pink !!!!!


Mitten Ornament Tutorial

I love these mittens. We are talking about setting up a tea table this Christmas and having tea parties. I think at one of these we will make these mittens. Thank you Dawn. She also has a wonderful tutorial on making aged Christmas tags.


Waffle Knit Washcloth Pattern

Akkkkk, Debbie I love these. They are so french looking and I already have the right colored yarn. Thank you xoxoxo


Wine Giftbags

I thought these were a brilliant idea Andrea and so easy.


Thread Holder Pattern

Okay I think I am actually going to make this for me ;-)


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Hi Clarice,
I do love visiting your blog, there is always something new to get involved in or be creative with, ideas to fill our minds.........Thank you for the inspiration and links, I love the mitten craft.

Priscilla x


Thanks for putting these ideas together. I love the cute little mittens.

Susan P.

Wow, so many awesome ideas and so many talented ladies out there. Thanks for sharing because I saw a few things (okay, almost all;o) I would definitely love to try my hand at!


These are all great ideas. I printed off the elf patterns for my kids to embroider as tea towels for their grandmother! One other idea I'm doing this year as a family gift is making my own "cookie of the month club" for a family gift. I will buy an inexpensive clear glass cookie jar, fill it with the December selection and include a note saying that a new package will arrive the 1st of every month to refill it.


Great ideas! I just received an order of dish clothes from Debra and love them! Of course if you've read my blog, you already know that. :) I like the thread holder as well. I've never heard of such a thing --- very creative and pretty!



Aren't we just surrounded by such wonderful and inspirational people throughout this amazing blogging community?
Great post and ideas, and I just adore the thread holder too.
xo Kali


great gift ideas,,,I assume you've ben over to sew mama sew...they are adding a gift craft a day for all of nov!!!


Fantastic gift ideas--so very helpful and I really appreciate your sharing them. Just like everyone else, I do handmade gifts and want things to be nice but not expensive.


I like the elf stockings and thread holder. Great ideas! I love knitted washcloths. You'll never go back to store bought! Great for dishes too using larger needles and a garter stitch and yarn over border for a more open weave.


They are all really cute Clarice!
Thanks for sharing!


I love the little stockings, and the idea's. I am finding it hard to get my head around Christmas yet, but it's creeping in!



What creative ladies out there in bloggyville.
I absolutely love each hand made idea!!
Your a sweetie for sharing all these wonderful ideas.
Jill 00


What cute Christmas inspirations! Love them!

kari & kijsa



I am going to e-mail you with a question that I am embarrassed to ask anyone else.


I'm with you, I would really like to make that thread holder ~ love it!
Thanks for the kind mention.


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