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Christmas Card Exchange


I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a Christmas card exchange (it is that time of year). We love getting and sending mail. We kept every single card from last year. Now I learned a few things from the Valentine card exchange, so here are the rules ;-)

1. I am only putting this out for one week. So after November 11th I am closing the exchange.

2. One card per-family. But sending a card to anywhere in the world is fine (and fun).

3.  There is no pressure about what kind of card. Store bought, homemade, whatever. Our cards are store bought, Cute but no time for homemade this year (I was smart and bought them after last Christmas and got them dirt cheap !!!). It is meant to be fun, not pressure.

4. E-mail me (my e-mail is on the right) if you want to do the exchange. Give me your name, first and last and your address. I will send you the same info.

Can you tell I am totally in the Christmas mood. Thank you xoxoxoxo

PS. a disclaimer (there is some misunderstanding) It is not me fixing you up with others to exchange a card. it is just send me a card and I will send you a card. Hope that clears things up. Sorry !!!!!!


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Sammy Coleman

My Christmas Wish 2007

In recent years, my parents health (esp. my mother) has deteriorated. I recently moved 600 miles closer just to be with them. I fear this may be the last Christmas for one or both of them. They really LOVE Christmas cards! As I was rummaging through the attic to retrieve their Christmas decorations, I found Christmas cards they had received from 30 years ago. They throw NONE away. I was trying to think of something really special to do for them for Christmas and I came up with this idea. If you have the Christmas spirit, and want to do something nice for someone (who doesn't?) - please take the time to send my parent's a Christmas card. Christmas was always a magical time of year for our family and I truly want to make this magical for the both of them. Please! God Bless You and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Address is as follows:
Donald and Betty Coleman
704 Seattle Drive
Lexington Kentucky 40503

Please forward this to all your family/friends/coworkers.
God Bless!!!

Stella Maris

Please I would love to participate. Let me send my address.


I know you said you were closing the exchange after the 11th, but I just found you, can I still participate?


I would love to exchange a card with you as well. What a lovely idea.I enjoy reading your posts.


Please count me in :)



Me...I to...wish we could do EVERYONE on the list...


I'm in, but I can't access your email from this site on this computer. Would it be too much trouble to email me? Thanks!


We will be sending you one of course! Gill.


Since I visit you everyday on your blog I think we definately should exchange Christmas greetings.


Yes, I'd like to exchange cards!


Just thought I'd drop by for a visit. I have been reading your blog for a short time now and have added you to my "Back Porch Blogs" *smiles*. Come on by and check out the give-away that I am doing at my blog.

Hugs and Blessings,


I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you and will send an email with my information.


I would love to exchange cards with you.

the feathered nest

Sign me up too!



Sign me up. I already have your address. Great idea, by the way.


Of course I want to exchange a Christmas card with you and yours!!!!! Please add me to your list!

And have an awesome day! Monday's the least favorite day of my week --- but tomorrow is Tuesday, so I'll be fine. LOL!


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