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We have had a bit of pre-teen attitude around my house of late. Instead of a lecturing (which I really do not like to do anyways, although my girls may disagree ;-) I was praying for a way to deal with this and felt lead to have a blessing week. What we did was each person drew a name and that person was theirs for the week to bless. You were suppose to be aware of that person each day and look for opportunities to bless and encourage them. Each night we would light a candle, stand in a circle and pray for our person. I have to say it was quite wonderful. Although my hubby, well, being a man was not quite as intuitive at sensing a need. But that is okay, he is our man and we love him still. Beds were made, candy bars left on pillows, poems or encouraging words left. Extra hugs and lots of thanks yous and do you need anything.

I plan on having more blessing weeks. Sometimes it is funner and more glamorous to bless the world, instead of those in our home. I have raised my girls with the thought that they were a gift to each other. I do believe in kind acts in the world. but also feel kind acts should start at home. Were sometimes it is the hardest place to be real and kind all at the same time.


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What a wonderful idea. I only wish that I had seen that years ago when my girls were younger.
Never mind, it won't be lost on me. I'm printing this and putting it in a folder that I'll use in the future, I'll call 'Grandchildren'.
Many thanks


Clarice... What a marvelous idea! So simple, yet so huge, No wonder your family is so special... Thanks for sharing with us and thanks, too, for your kind comments at my blog lately, too... I appreciate them so much. Blessings, Debra


How wonderful, Clarice! We could use something of this at my house too. :0)



I think that's a wonderful idea, Clarice!
Good for all you all!
God bless.


What a fine idea Clarice. We might have to give that a go 'round here as there's been waaaaaaay too much 'tude for this mama to let slide.

~ Michele



You're the best!!

Jill 00


What a great post...and I LOVE the tea towel...did you do it?
Over at Mrs.B's (Cherish the home)...she did a really neat thing on counting your blessings...


I love this too. I'm totally stealing your idea :)


Sounds like a wonderful idea.

Pearl Maple

Gratitude and remembering all that is good in our world is such an important thing to teach our young and remind ourselves to do.


Your towel is a nice illustration for this post Clarice. Everyone wants to know they're loved and truly seen, especially within their family. Your new tradition is lovely.
Take care.

Junie Moon

What a wonderful and loving idea to foster a closer relationship. I love this!


Now you know why I like blogging with all the girls(women). For years I have referred to our house as the Testosterone Temple!! Even 2 out of 3 cats are males.


What a good idea. It is far too easy to be selfish in this world. We all need reminders of the Golden Rule.


What a sweet idea. We are having some sibling ugliness right now. Perhaps I'll try and find a way to do this.



What a wonderful idea! That not only benefits the receiver but the giver too. Although it is just my husband and myself we have a journal that we call our Joy journal. Every evening we write down our blessings. It is a good reminder to always give thanks to the Lord :)

Thanks for sharing your idea, I will pass it on to my friends with children :)


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